Mummy's Day Out.... India Tea Centre, Churchgate

Folks have often written in asking for suggestions on where to go with their parents to eat out in Mumbai. The India Tea Centre at Resham Bhavan, Churchgate, is a good bet. It's prim, proper, laid back, old school, has a good range of food, teas, lazy, languorous, cosy, stately yet warm.

We headed there when my Mom wanted to take Kainaz and me out for lunch. We reached there after doing the customary 'Bandra Worli Sea Link by day time' sightseeing drive.

It was a nice and wet afternoon and Kainaz ordered hot pakodas and bhajiyas for us. I had a tough time photographing these as K was very hungry and looked increasingly menacing at me as I asked her to smile. But soon the magic off the bhajiyas won her over. K could almost hear the sound of oil from Mamma frying piping hot Bhajiyas for her. This was from the days when K would wake up from her Saturday afternoon naps during weekend trips at Mamma's during school.

Some memories never become cold.

For the record the Karmakar women did leave a pakoda for me to have after I finished taking the photos.

K kept rooting for the honey butter apple tree and soon managed to get Mama K to forget her diet worries and take a few sips. K then focussed her attention on my black currant ice tea. The Karmakar women love their tea... hot or cold... Green or sweet.

Kainaz and I had some lovely dhansak for lunch. She went for the traditional mutton version. I had the cholesterol watchers option of chicken. The meat in both was stellar. The dhansak taste home made. Very fulfilling.

That's my 'happy and content face' by the way.

Mrs K recommended char grilled rawas for the senior Mrs K. A recommendation which was highly approved off.

Scones to top it off. Triangular shaped versus the usual cylinders. K was perplexed at the change. Had a bite. Approved and dug in for more. It tasted as great as always. Mama K too was tempted.

The ladies graciously left a bite for me. Do we see a pattern here?

I hardly had the energy or zest to get up from the comfortable chair at the end. The entire mood was drowsy and peaceful. It was Saturday afternoon after all. Thankfully The Great Salami (with apologies to the Majumdar brothers) was there to drive us home and the three of us snored in harmony on the way back.