Open again

The internet is a many splendored thing.

Though 'splendour' is hardly the word that I would choose for the sort of vile filth that we all know is out there. But then this is not limited to the world of internet or blogging. Human depravity exists all around us. The world of blogging is just a microscopic part of society.

Finely Chopped to me has always been a 'happy place'. My personal journal which I have shared with all. I had no idea what I was getting into when I started blogging two and a half years back. It has been a most fantastic ride since. Beyond the wildest of my dreams.

The vile perversion it got recently smeared and defiled with was not the way I had looked at Finely Chopped. It went against grain of everything that Finely Chopped stood for in my life. Disgusted. Dazed. I temporarily closed both Finely Chopped and my travel blog, Faraway Diaries, yesterday morning.

I got the first mail minutes after I closed the blogs. This was from A. A blogger friend from Sydney who had come to visit us with her lovely family when she came to Mumbai. Then from Scarlett, a reader from the beginning and a close friend since. And that was pretty much the story for the rest of the day. Mails, texts, calls, Facebook mails. From friends, virtual friends who became real world friends, virtual friends who shed their anonymous monikers yesterday to write in and people who did not exist in my life till yesterday. All wanting to know why Finely Chopped was now 'by invitation only'. It wasn't, but that was the only way I could suspend the site. Wanting to know how they could get on the 'list'. There was no list. Folks, I would never want to block you :) With each mail came out a rare smile on a day which was gloomy and wet.

I don't know when my next post on Finely Chopped will be. It could be in a couple of hours. Days. Weeks. Or never. I might start another blog. Or continue here but change the tone. I do not have the answers right now. The only thing that I know is that I will not stop writing.

What I have realised is that Finely Chopped is no longer mine alone. It belongs to those who read it as much as it belongs to me. Without you there would be no Finely Chopped.

I am opening the blogs again.


Scarlett said…
Kalyan, if something is bothering you, make your blog by invitation only. It's ok...people who like your blog will take the pain to sign in. It's not such a big deal. Send out an invitation to people who you know read your blog regularly/intermittently. There's no reason why you should put up w/ crap on your own blog page.
Anonymous said…
Hi Kalyan,

I was one of them who bumped into your blog recently, was stuck for a long time and kept navigating from one post to another and began to appreciate how beautifully you write without any inhibitions. And, I was also one of them who delurked and asked you why you made this 'by invite only'. I am not sure what prompted you to do this suddenly. But clearly, many of them were surprised and me for one, felt the hiccups due to the lack of my daily dose of 'Finely Chopped' :)

If someone wrote a silly comment. Then, we all know this blog and author is above that. All blogs have their share of trolls. Finely Chopped should continue with a pinch of salt :)

If it is some other personal reason, then I really hope you come out of it a winner and life goes on smoothly. Wish so many good wishes, things can't go wrong for you :)

Best wishes.
The Bride said…
I recently discovered your blog and love it! I was so disappointed that it had gone private this morning but glad I came back just to check.

Mean commenters can be upsetting and I can understand you not wanting to put yourself through that. But glad you're back and don't let this stop you from posting or make you change your tone.
Hammad said…
Kalyan, I am not sure what went wrong. I only found your blog 2 weeks back while looking for a kosha mangsho recipe, and I have already avoided the real world often enough to read your food musings :)

If you feel making the blog private will help in anyway, please do so. I for one do not mind logging in just to make sure that you are enjoying some peace of mind in the process.
Kalyan Karmakar said…

I had never intended to make this a restricted entry blog. Just wanted to suspend it for a while. When it's open, like now, its open to all :)

Thanks for writing in. Means a lot.


Sandeep said…
have been following your blog for quite some time. its inspired my lazy self to even get into the kitchen to experiment once in a while :) glad u r back
Sharmila said…
Never thought you would want to shut shop ... was under the impression that you were trying out new stuff from blogger. Would have mailed but saw this on my reader.
What's wrong? Bad comments? Set up the comment moderation. Of course you can ask by invitation too ... it is your space after all.
You have every right to write what you feel like ... which all of us know will never be anything irresponsible.
Travel Diaries too???!

Do not give in to petty things Kalyan. Either ignore or block comments.
Do anything ... but do not close this beautiful place.
We love Finely Chopped and you too much.
Cheer up. :-)
Unknown said…
I have lived a long time in Mumbai before moving to the US and your blog has been a great nostalgic way of remembering and discovering new places to eat in Mumbai. Thanks a lot.

Rhea said…
Don't ever think about suspending your blogs for even a day. It means the others got to you and to them, that's all that matters.

You write from your heart. Don't ever change that.
Unknown said…
I'm glad you are back up... I was sort of feeling sad... not sure what happened... but really happy to read your stuff again...
Your writing has helped me connect with Mumbai since I have been back.
Anonymous said…
Have been reading finely chopped from the past 2 years; it got me through the time away from Mumbai, last year. :) In fact, as I told you, it encouraged me to write the article about food bloggers. It is your frank and open style of writing about everyday meals that is so interesting to read. If the comments are that bad, either moderate it or make it by invitation, but please don't close it down. There'll always be enough nasty people in the world to pull the nice ones down (haven't you heard the great Indian crab mentality story?), but the key is to not let that get in the way of everyday living. :)
Moonshine said…
Forget the random comments / incidents!!!! It happens.. think about the good!!! There are so very many people who enjoy your blog!!! And why shoudl you be bothered ... you blog becuase you feel happy. Its simple.
Anonymous said…
Please dont stop writing. This blog means a lot to me - a friendless (reluctant-)workholic immigrant living in Bandra alone!! How will I know where to order my biryani and source fish from?

Add to that the quick fix recipes..

There are a lot of unhappy people around to spread bullshit. You clearly have enough happy people here so dont bother...

Looking forward to your next post.
Dori said…
I'm sorry to hear about what you went through. Every time I make a post on my blog, someone leaves a comment and a link to a horrible site and I have to go in and delete it. I don't understand why people are like this or what they even get out of life being so vile. These people can't truly be happy. But we have to keep filling the internet with good things that provide something of value to ourselves and others. Good luck with your blog and look forward to more posts :)
Pinku said…

read thru your post and then thru all the comments.

and all I can say is keep the sharp edge knife....and keep on finely chopping everything including crass comments to bits.

btw do go in for comment moderation...helps a lot to keep trash out. though honestly i have never seen any off the mark comments on your blog.
Sonia said…
Oh ho dont shut down your blog :(( I was so shocked when I saw the "By invitation only" and was trying to think of how I can ask you for the password etc...And do comment moderation and delete out comments you dont like - after all its your blog, in real life would you keep talking/listening to a random person who abuses you? You have an awesome blog!!! It makes me nostalgic and I plan where I am going to eat when I visit Mumbai next!! And also is much needed eye candy for my pregnant self :)))
Sonia said…
Eye candy referring to the yummy food you photograph (clarifying before Kainaz blocks me on the blog hehe)
Anonymous said…
Please don't stop writing, Kalyan! Don't let the trolls get to you. There are negative people with bad energy everywhere (online and off), but your readers love your blog and we'll follow you to an invitation-only site if that's what you prefer.

Do what works best for you, but please don't stop writing about food. You have a true gift for the written expression.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Hi everyone. I can't begin to say how overwhelmed I am by each and every comment here. By each and every mail that I received. I am sorry that I have not responded individually yet.

I just wanted to clarify that it's not about a comment. I have received less than even five adverse comments in two and a half years of blogging which shows how beautiful the world of food is. I am not including the 'buy viagra' spam of course.

Secondly I did not intend the blog to be 'by invitation'. I have kept it as open as possible. Not even kept comment moderation. Don't plan to. 'By invitation' appeared when I suspended the blog.

Thirdly, and this is for anon, I might disagree with the biryani of Mumbai but one thing that 13 years here have taught me is that noone is 'friendless' in Mumbai :) That's the beauty of the city.

Btw I did take pics of what I ate for lunch yesterday and what I rustled up for dinner last night. I'll be back. With or without the Schwarzenneger muscles
Miri said…
Knife - it must have been really vile for you to want to just go away for a bit - completely understandable...After all its like violating your own personal space.

Take care and come back when you are ready - we will be waiting :)

Zuludancing said…
kalyan !

Happy to see u back.
Was shocked to see the "by invitation" tag last morning.

Pls dont dis-continue, this blog is part of my life. For the record.

Harshad said…
Hey Kalyan! Hundreds of your followers were left feeling like Tom Hanks in Terminal when he realised that his nation of Krakozia just doesn't exist!
Glad to be back in the land of Finely Chopped. May the festivities restart! :)
Gobri said…
Phew! Reading your blog is a thing for me to do in my happy times. The moment I realised you were suspending the blog, I selfishly thought about what I would do now instead of wondering what drove you to such steps.
Such is your blog.
I am glad you are back.
S said…
Hello, am so glad to be able to access Finely Chopped again. Whatever it was that caused you to want to suspend the blog and contemplate shutting shop (shudder!!!) - I hope that has been sorted out fine. Take care!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@S, it hasn't gone. But each and every comment up here, and mails elsewhere has ensured that I will never shut the blog again. Or so I think