The power of cheese...the world's easiest mushroom dish

I was going through all the comments that you have written after my last post. All the mails that you have written. I have not answered each individually. I was overwhelmed. I had no idea what the blog had become. I was humbled. A big smile flashed across my face as I read each comment. Then I realised that the best answer to each of you would be to write a new post. So here you are, The World's Easiest Mushroom Dish.

Consider the circumstances in which I made this. I was at the gym for a good hour....ambling, then pedalling. In between caught the end of the Japan Paraguay FIFA WC match. I started cheering for Japan as I walked on the treadmill. My trainer joined me too. And then Japan had a wind deflating loss. I walked back home at 11.30 PM. A long day. Bone tired. If our lives had a soundtrack then I was physically tired enough for Bruce Springsteen's Streets of Philadelphia would be playing. Point I am trying to make is, not the ideal prep for cooking a gourmet dish. Reached home. Banu, my Sous Chef cum woman Friday, had made bhindi and roti for dinner. Not soul uplifting stuff. That's when I looked into the fridge and the rest was history.
Banu had sliced a packet of button mushrooms which she found in the fridge and kept it.
  • I took the sliced mushrooms out and kept them in a micro dish
  • Drizzled olive oil over them. Perhaps a tablespoon worth
  • Sprinkled salt
  • And a tablespoon worth of Capsica sauce (Dabur Capsica is a lot cheaper than imported Tabasco sauce)
  • I chopped two green chillies and spread these all over
  • Sprinkled half a teaspoon of roasted oregano which we had from the sachets which they give with pizzas
  • I tossed this mix with a spoon
  • And then put three slices of Britannia slim cheese on the mushrooms. One beside the other
  • All of this took two minutes of work at my end. I put this into micro and swtiched the fresh vegetable function (7 minutes)
I went for a shower. Got the amazing fragrance of cheese and oregano wafting through the house once I stepped out. Took the dish out of the micro. 
And let me tell you that it tasted even better than it looks. The creamy blend of melted cheese, teased with a hint of oregano with the bounciness of mushroom and the sharp tongue of the green chillies made it an amazingly sensuous dish. I did use cheese. But given that it was slim cheese plus mushrooms plus very little oil and steamed, embarrassingly healthy too.  

Note: My mom's left. She called today. She said that she thought I looked slimmer this time but didn't want to say it so that I wouldn't begin over eating :) Comp is back in the study. Fewer typos. And a wifi connection which keeps breaking. 

Thanks once again everyone.