The return of Mr Chow.... Bandra

A couple of years back I got excited when I ordered from a then new place called Mr Chow. I heard about it when they sent a bright red flyer with our newspaper.

A year and a half later I got disgusted by the drop in their standards and wrote about it. Didn't call in from them in a while.

A few days back mom and I were home for dinner and Banu had bunked. We did what any Bengali son and mother would do. We ordered Chinese. I didn't want the oil slick Chinese of 5 Spice (5 Spice lover Scarlett bear with me here).

The interaction started off positively as the man taking the order on the phone at Mr Chow seemed quite sensible. I just went through my earlier posts and saw that this was a strength of Mr Chow earlier too.

We sat down for our dinner of mixed fried rice and chicken in cracked red chilly. The latter was recommended by them when I said that I was looking for a fry dish in chicken.

A few bites and I did a double take. This was seriously good stuff. The boneless chicken was very succulent. All were leg pieces even though I had not specifically asked for the same. The cracked red chilly base was tantalising and edgy. The fried rice was fairly good, firm and well flavoured. This was not the food I had slammed in the past. It was time to eat the humble fortune cookie.

I hadn't actually taken pictures of the food that evening but stopped mid way through dinner and took photograph of whatever was left.

Good to see Mr Chow's return to form. Hope this continues.