Selling out .... more Zucchini salad

Remember my first zucchini experiment? Those who ate it praised it. I was ambivalent. Then I fixed it. Here’s what I did this time:

Zucchini sliced into rings. Unpeeled. Strips of red bell pepper. One slim cheese slice, strips. Sweet corn boiled in water in the micro for six minutes. A small packet of fresh basil leaves. 250 g button mushrooms, finely chopped.

Got Banu to chop all of this and keep it in a micro dish overnight. I am sort of OK with chopping but prefer it if someone else does. Hate cleaning or washing dishes.

Next morning added some salt, crushed pepper and drizzled a tablespoon of olive oil, a bit of Tabasco Sauce and put it in the micro. I used the ‘fresh vegetable’ mode. About six and a half minutes apparently.

When done added about 50 g of Feta, cubed. This is a French Feta. It is creamier than the stringy, crumbly original one. Adds a creamy touch to the dish with the same sharp salty bite. Also tossed in some pine nuts which were at home. And some dried Oregano flakes which had come with pizza.

I tossed some boiled penne with the pasta and took it for lunch. I really loved it this time. The Feta gave it a creamy touch. The zucchini was nice and firm this time. Kainaz took just the salad to work and enjoyed it apparently. I took some of the remaining stock (Feta cream, mushroom juice), added a couple of egg whites, and made a nice omelette for breakfast.

If you were to ask me, I think what worked better this time was unpeeled firm zucchini slices over peeled slithery strips. Sweet corn over baby corn. Fresh basil which gave it a nice spring versus rosemary which I find too strong. Creamy feta over processed, ersatz, slim cheese. Strips of red bell pepper, sliced like Nigella did, versus bits of yellow bell pepper

Why ‘selling out’? Check Aishwarya’s comment from the Finely Chopped Facebook page.

Finely Chopped: Don't quote me on this but was really impressed by the zuchhini, bell pepper, feta, basil, sweet corn, olive oil salad which I tossed this morning and had with penne for lunch... the difference over last time was feta over processed cheese, basil instead of rosemary, firm zucchini slices unpeeled instead of limp peeled... slivers and sweet corn over baby corn... used the stock to make egg white omelette for bfSee more

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Kaniska Chakraborty sounds wonderful. i do the same often. i don't use feta. i use mozzarella instead. like the slightly chewy texture and the milky mouthfeel.

 Finely Chopped This was a creamy Faux Feta made in France Kanishka. Somewhat close to what you described. But saltier

Finely Chopped And now snacking on whole wheat lavash... sheesh

Finely Chopped Surprisingly tasty though... is The Knife becoming blunt?

Aishwarya Kumar Yes, yes The Knife is losing his edge! Stop the veggie overload already!!

Finely Chopped @Ash...don't change your travel plans. There is still hope. Made a chicken curry marinade in the morning. Briefed banu on making chicken curry for dinner

Aishwarya Kumar I'll be taking that recipe from you. Gotta instruct my maid to cook chicken curry for me for Sunday night. Will need my comfort food on coming back :(

Shubhranshu Das Which explains the contented look


k said…
can we replace basil with bacon?
Mumbai Diva said…
i have a awesome cook who once served us roasted zucchini. Nice. She took the entire zucchini ( unpeeled) stuck a fork into it and roasted it a bit over the gas flame. Sliced it and added it to a salad dressed in olive oil. verrry yummy.

I used to cook a lot, but the whole office-home tussle took away the fun of it. Somehow Bandra is inspiring me to cook again with the exciting array of stuff available. Your blog too is a huge inspiration :)
Scarlett said…
LOL. The Knife will get his edge back soon. I have faith in him yet :)

Just as I have faith in Bandra inspite of the Pali Village Cafe experience!
Miri said…
Looks great - and I love the creamy salty feta on my salads too! Definitely unpeeled zucchini over peeled!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@K: that's a very good idea

@Mumbai Diva: this sounds very close to how Bengalis make Begun pora or baigan Bharta. I've been doing these quick fix things for work lunches. I don't believe in laborious cooking in any case

@Scarlett: The bacon idea would help I guess

@Miri: I agree on unpeeled. This originated with your suggestion :0