Postcards from home ... back at KL

As we entered the lane last evening I begun directing the cabbie. Take a left....then a right...yes that's the gate. It was a long flight. Nice to cross the familiar alter. Walk into my room. Dump my bag. That peaceful easy feeling which the familiar brings after the journey is over. It's another thing that 'my room' was something I last saw six months back. Not the night before. And only once before. Not every night. KL is soon becoming the hot bed of my favourite people. And the tribe here increases by the day.

Dinner 1 at Arindam and  Sasha's had another great from my last visit, butter pork. Plus a Malay chicken curry and brinjals in fish sauce.

A good night's sleep waking up to a great view and friends all around. White Coffee for breakfast followed by a homely lunch at Amy's Kitchen just outside the flat by the swimming pool.

My order Kampong (Village) fried rice is something I could have seen myself making. Firm, not sticky, well flavoured with tiny fried anchovies adding a touch of exotica.

Other dishes on the table included fiery looking curry rice. There also was chicken in oyster sauce. Again a familiar taste redolent of the much panned 'Indian Chinese' and pleasing.

Cantonese crispy noodles, an island in a cosy sauce. Impressive again.

Amy's Kitchen is apparently Sasha and Arindam's last resort. Now you know why I love this place so much. My last resort back home is Shiv Sagar.

I left the familiar behind to head to Malacca to a new friend. More people added to the list of my favourite people in this lovely city.

Back home to the distraught. Let down by the boys from the Pampas. Warm chatter at Highland Park, Takeaway Ipoh Chicken Rice, Siew Yoke and Barbecue Pork, a new addition to last time's favourite... more football...and the night continues.


Unknown said…
All that food looks delectably delicious. Have a good time in KL!
Miri said…
Looks amazing and the posts are so full of FOOD! :) just the way I like it!