Spellbound... Lucky Garden, Bangsar, KL

I first stayed with Arindam and Sasha at KL in January 2010. I came back in just about six months to visit them and KL again. Just tells you how much of a spell they and their beloved KL have on me.

Arindam's got food home from the Lucky Garden Restaurant at Bangsar, KL, a couple of times in the past. This time we actually went there to eat. It was, as Arindam described, a place where 'locals eat'. The best guide to a good place according to him. I second and third that.

We went to this humble restaurant with epic food last evening. Some of what we ate were our usual favourites. Tilapia made in the fashion of Thais who live in China. A heady sauce. A bit under salted this time.

The wickedly seductive butter pork. Those scrunchy bites of sin you cannot say 'no' to.

And a new addition vetted by Sasha. Mixed fried rice. This tasted uncannily similar to my bacon hakka noodle. Why wouldn't it be? This was made in pork lard. I make mine in bacon fat.

A banquet of the senses to end my last night at KL before I headed for the culinary treasures of Penang. I am counting my days to my return on Thursday to KL. The city which arguably has the largest collection of my favourite people now. New friends I discover with each visit. And old friends who are leaving Mumbai to pitch their tents here. Looks like I will spend all my holidays at Kl in the future if I could.