Two step Funghhi couscous salad for work

Well technically 'two steps' would mean 'check menu card and dial takeout place'. But this is almost there. In fact I made it in the morning before coming to work. Quite a feat for an owl. Didn't photograph it but thought it was worth posting. Especially after having it for lunch. So here goes:

  • Chop 250 g of button mushrooms and put them in a microwave cooking dish
  • Sprinkle a teaspoon of olive oil and a bit paprika sauce and salt, add half a chopped tomato to this. Bung into micro for about 7 minutes
  • Take half a pack (100 g) of dehydrated couscous. You get this in stores which keeps imported food. Add 1/4 cup, 100 ml, boiling water to this and keep it covered for three minutes
  • Add the grilled mushroom mix to this once done
  • Add a few cubes of feta or paneer which gives it a nice salty bite and some fresh chopped herbs. I used basil
Makes a nice and light, easy to eat, fresh, vegetarian and presumably healthy, office lunch. Tastes pretty good too.