What's your favourite comfort food? ... Creamy cheese sausage and corn pasta topped with basil

I recently cooked after what seemed like a lifetime. Sharmila of the excellent Bengali food blog Kichhu Khon, told me that my kitchen must have been missing me. Well I was missing it. So I shook off my post holiday blues and made a cheese cream pasta. This, according to a Facebook discussion on Finely Chopped, is comfort food for many.

Scarlett, the 'Football-loving brownie-craving all-time-laughing sometimes-working Dilbert-forwarding foot-in-mouth-putting weight-fretting full-time-swearing women-problems-cursing freak of nature!!",  author of the blog Just Can't Get Enough is a cream cheese pasta fan too. She hasn't blogged in a while. Possibly still celebrating Spain's victory in the World Cup.

She'd asked me for the recipe of what I cooked. It was quite a simple and quick dish. Routine. Didn't photograph it. Still I thought that I'll put it down. Hopefully she'll begin blogging again in return. I miss her writing.


  • Boil pasta (I used fusilli that night) and sweet corn in water. Drain water and keep the pasta and corn aside
  • Take a non stick saucepan and heat a tablespoon of olive oil in it
  • Add a few fresh and peeled garlic cloves to the pan and saute till they turn yellow
  • Add 200 g of cocktail sausages. You can slice these into rings or cut them into two. I used faux sausages. Chicken
  • Stir till the skin of the sausage crinkles
  • Add a cup of skimmed milk with a tablespoon of cornflour dissolved in it to the pan. Bring to a boil and then reduce flame and let it simmer
  • Add three slices of slim cheese, a teaspoon of salt, some crushed black pepper, a few chopped basil leaves and a tablespoon of Tabasco sauce. I use Dabur's Capsica sauce which is a lot cheaper
  • Let the sauce thicken and then add the pasta and corn into this. Stir gently so that the sauce spreads across the pasta. Cover with a lid and let it cook on a slow flame for about two minutes
  • That's more or less the end. Scarlett doesn't agree with this but the Karmakar family thing is to add a couple of split green chillies at the end to the pasta. On the plus side the pasta didn't involve butter or red meat. Had skimmed milk, slim cheese, olive oil and chicken sausages instead

Here's the discussion on comfort food the Finely Chopped page. What's yours?

What's your favourite comfort food? Can there be carb free comfort? Am not seeking it, just feel that carbs are central to mood upliftment16 July at 21:52 · Comment ·LikeUnlike · View feedback (14)Hide feedback (14) · Promote

Reshma Nitu Chugani carb free comfort??? well tandoori chicken does wonders for me with a glass of champagne

and for carbs CHILLI CHEESE TOAST..... anytime :) i think ill have that tonite :P

16 July at 22:00 · LikeUnlike · · FlagBhaskar Ranjan Das Carbs are peripheral !! Proteins are central !!

16 July at 23:37 · LikeUnlike · · FlagRenu Singh Really cold milk with pieces of apple/banana in it. And maybe just a few corn flakes for the carb factor. Yumm. Damn... am gonna have to have it now!

16 July at 23:49 · LikeUnlike · · FlagFinely Chopped or how about anything you eat with great people? Just happened to me. And the food was bloody good too. The rum helped. There was pork, lamb, prawn, mashed potato and chocolate too

17 July at 00:05 · LikeUnlike · Renu Singh True. If you're with friends, everything is comfort food.

17 July at 00:17 · LikeUnlike · · FlagFinely Chopped food unites all

17 July at 00:35 · LikeUnlike · Poli Gupta For me there are a couple .. Kissan mixed fruit Jam on soft white bread, Shingara ( not samosa) ... dal bhat with fish fry or a simple seekh kabab..

17 July at 02:07 · LikeUnlike · · FlagDebjani Bandyopadhyaya alusedha bhat and butter with an omlette thrown in

17 July at 10:37 · LikeUnlike · · FlagAnindita Roy Gobindabhog chaaler gorom bhaat (rice), ghee, aloo-bhate (mashed boiled potatoes), kaanch lanka (green chillies) and salt

17 July at 10:56 · LikeUnlike · · FlagSandy Kundra Verma cream cheese pasta! loads and loads of carbs!

17 July at 12:59 · LikeUnlike · · FlagFinely Chopped True...I doubt if there is comfort without carbs, cheese or chocolate :)

17 July at 14:10 · LikeUnlike · Aishwarya Kumar There's no carb free comfort food kalyan. For me it's pasta in cheese sauce or chinese (noodles included) or chicken curry-rice. And then there are the cheesecakes & brownies of the world of course.

17 July at 20:07 · LikeUnlike · · FlagFinely Chopped I guess food and comfort go together. Calling for biriyani and kebabs from Kakori to liven up some J D

17 July at 21:39 · LikeUnlike · Finely Chopped ‎@Ash, Chinese works very well for me. I always head for Chinese fried rice when I am abroad and miss 'home' food

17 July at 21:57 · LikeUnlike ·