The Promised Land .... Biscotti, Mirador. Andheri E

I got a lot of sympathy when people heard that I was shifting an office at Andheri East.

It cuts down the travel for me. But it is a barren land with eating places being few and far apart. Not that my earlier dug out of Chinchpokli was any better. It had New Sardar close by and that's about it. But there was always the promise of Phoenix Mills close by. And South Mumbai was just a hop, skip and J J Flyover away.

One name that often featured during these condolence chats on Andheri E was that of Mirador. Mirador is a three to four starrish business hotel opposite Solitaire Corporate Park at Andheri E where I've pitched camp.

I'd been to Biscotti, the coffee shop there, before. The ice tea sucked. As did the puffs/ patties that we tried.

I recently went there with my team soon after I joined. We got to know each other over coffee and pakodas. The weather was wet, cool and ideal for hot, spicy pakodas (Indian fritters). The ones at Mirador were cold, limp, clammy and tasteless. Expensive insults to the mothers and grandmothers across the country and street-side vendors who have elevated this simple dish into a work of culinary art.

The cappuccino was decent. One of my team member's suggested adding an Espresso shot which made it more robust. At around 80 Rs (2 USD) it is priced competitively in comparison to the Costas, CBTLs and Glorias of the world. Plus there is no other coffee shop close by. I just have to cross the road to reach here. The decor is modern and functional. It has a couple of 80s kitsch but comfortable white sofas. You feel like sitting here and the place is normally empty. The staff is attentive and friendly.

They have a full menu here. I would stay away from this. I recently had a chicken sweet corn soup which was sweeter than rasgulla syrup. Anyway I had a bad throat that day. Needed some hot liquids. This fit the bill very well.

There is one good thing there though apart from the coffee. My former boss, a food lover, had recommended the chicken junglee sandwich here. I had it twice. This was nice. The chicken mayo filling left a pleasant feeling in your mouth. The chicken pieces were succulent. From a leg cut. The sandwich was toasted just right. This was freshly made and at around Rs 100 compares very well with the horrible, pre-packed sandwiches that regular coffee shops serve.

Update: I had the Chinese combo one day. About Rs 245. Enough for one person. On the plus side it was hot and I like the texture of the rice. It was rather salty though. I chose chicken in black bean sauce. 

The biggest plus though are the clean rest rooms there.