You make me happy ... Cookie Man

For a city that gives you great brownies, cheesecakes, homemade chocolates or even doughnuts, Mumbai is really bare when it comes to good cookies. There is of course Allison who once baked chocolate chip cookies for me which were divine. She and her pretty little daughter Tara vacuum sealed these and got them for me they visited us sometime back. But Allison lives in Sydney. 

The one place I head to when I want good cookies at Mumbai is to Cookie Man. The Cookie Man chain spreads across the country and I have seen its outlets at Calcutta, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai.

I love their soft chewy cookies. The chocolate based ones. Soft cookies are my favourite. But I love their crisp ones too, specially milk cookies with chocolate chips. They are not as good as Allison’s cookies but are the best around. Just what I need with a hot cuppa coffee. They are no Cookie Man outlets in Bandra unfortunately. I guess life can never be perfect. I have spotted a couple of shops at Oberoi Mall, Goregaon and Inorbit, Malad though.

As Scarlett wrote, it is easy to spot a Cookie Man outlet. You can't miss the fragrance of fresh bakes and butter wafting around you. Drawing you in its spell as you run behind Hansel and Gretel.

I went to the outlet at Inorbit today. I buy cookies from there and sneak them to nearby the Costa my little bit of ‘me time’ in a mall. 

The guys at the Cookie Man store were in a good mood today. Comes from working in a happy place I guess. They gave us samples of hot cookies fresh off the oven. Were quite cool with me clicking photographs. And even posed for .


Bombay Foodie said…
You come to my neighborhood and not tell me! Let's meet next time you are in Inorbit - I love across the street.
Kirti said…
The good thing about Cookie Man is that they let you taste their stuff. The bad thing is that the moment you buy, you land up paying for all those people who tasted before you did and did not buy.
Scarlett said…
It's really sad that there aren't more cookie shops in India :(

You can't not drift towards the butter-soaked aroma of a Cookie Man outlet even if you're filled to the gills with lunch/dinner, whatever. My favorites at Cookie Man are Double Choco Chunk (I just love the chunks of white chocolate nestled amidst the dark chocolate dough), Chocolate Macadamia Nut & White Chocolate Raspberry.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Simran, was looking for an excuse to go back. tell me when

@Kirti...nice perspective :)

@Sacrlett, how could I have missed writing about the aroma?! Just updated that
Pinku said…

love that place.....and the best counters are the ones that do their own baking right there....
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Pinku, the one at Inorbit does :)