Bengali Food Blogs plagiarised

So the Commonwealth Games have finally began. I have a problem with the concept of 'The Commonwealth'. A group of dominions which once swore allegiance to the Empire. Yeah right.

Well talking of crime, deceit, loot and plundering, Facebook was abuzz on Friday with stories of plagiarism. Pree of PreeOccupied and Sharmila Here of Kichhu Khon spotted blogs which had lifted content and photos from our sites and  passed these off as their own. Which was pure shameful. In fact there is one moron who has put my picture of Doi Maach against a recipe of Kosha Mangsho. Another scumbag who has taken photos of three of my dishes and put it on his article on Bengali food. No photo credits. Then there was this vixen who was passing off entire recipes and photos taken by us as her own. It was almost as if Friday was Bong Food Plagiarism Day.

I know that content of the Internet can be used by a Creative Common License but that also assumes that you give credit if not take permission. I am sure that there are many such crooks out there and that one won't know of all the cases. But the one you know make your blood boil.

And no, I am not flattered. Nor are my aching shoulders.

Read this post by Pree which narrates what happened in detail.

The following are some of the rogue blogs/ sites. Please go and give them a piece of your mind. Any suggestions on what to do would be welcome.

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