Calling the vegetarian helpline for Mumbai eats

"Kalyan - I randomly read your blog at times - Finely chopped. I enjoy the reads. I needed your help with some recommendations. My family friends will be visiting town and wanted to give them a taste of Mumbai restaurants...

If you find time, can you please send me your top 10 picks - the only caveat is that they should serve good veg food.

Thanks so much for your time! Keep up the amazing posts.."

For once I was stumped by a query on food. This came to me through Facebook. There's obviously a reason why the gentleman reads Finely Chopped 'randomly'. The only greens here are on the blog page design. Still he did say nice things and there is no motivator like flattery so I will try to give this a shot.

I am not sure if I can reach '10' picks. I have heard of the Soams and Swati Snacks of the world of course. Vegetarians are not a silent breed after all. I only like to write about places I have been to and can vouch for. Still I will give it a try. Most of these would not be pure vegetarian places though
  1. Oh Calcutta, Tardeo - luchi, chholar daal, alur dom
  2. Calcutta Club, Oshiwara - ditto plus alu bhaja, mochar ghonto
  3. Swagat, Fort - Mysore Sada dosa, ulundu dosa
  4. Out of the Blue, Bandra - Penne pesto, Mezze platter
  5. Yellow Tree, Bandra - Spaghetti aglio olio, hummus and pita bread
  6. Punjab Sweets, Bandra Mezzanine floor, Kulche chhole
  7. Sardar, Lalbagh, Missal Pao, garlic dosa. aamraas
  8. Maroosh: Hummus and pita bread
  9. Not been there in a long time- Crystal for basic North Indian home cooked food,  ITC Grand Maratha - black daal, Golden Star Thaali - Gujarati thaali
 I give up. Nothing more comes to mind right now. So let's call a truce. If there are any vegetarians out there then could you please write in with your top ten picks at Mumbai?