memories of Mahesh... squid butter pepper garlic recipe

I picked up squids today after I read about how Sassy Fork chose it over red meat. In reply to my question, she said that squids aren't crustaceans. Sassy Fork prefers to remain anonymous but let's just say that she would know. She is a child of a mixed marriage (Mahararashtrian  & Bengali). Her posts reflect this cultural confluence. Her blog has meticulous restaurant reviews with some nice scientific tips too. There, did I give out too much? ;)

I cooked the squids in the Butter Pepper Garlic Salt style of Mahesh Lunch Home. The recipe is pretty much in the name itself. I had made it years back in our first house and first kitchen. With some lobsters mom in law sent us. Here's the 'recipe' if you really need it.

Prep: Get the squids peeled and cut them into rings. A contrast to the Far East. Places like Thailand and Malaysia seem to cook their squids whole.


  • Heat a tablespoon of butter. Olive oil would do. But would be a different dish then (realised butter was over when I started to cook at 11 PM. Went to New India Stores at the corner and got it)
  • Add a teaspoon of finely chopped garlic to the melted butter. Try not to faint in ecstasy as the heady aroma of garlic roasting in butter enshrouds you. (Note to self: desist the temptation to add curry leaves and split green chillies. Would again be a different dish)
  • Once the garlic turn light brown add half a tea spoon of coarse crushed black pepper and some rock salt if possible. I used regular salt.
  • Then add the squids (750 g) to it and toss till the there is a golden tinge to the squids. The juice which comes out of the squid should have dried up by then.
  • Take a squid out. if it's not rubbery and you can chew it then you are ready. Takes less than ten minutes to cook and no effort
  • Eat this with bread. The best part is mopping up the butter garlic part with bread

You can and also have the butter pepper garlic squids as a party starter. Very quick to make. A discreet lead in to the fact that I, ahem, had been interviewed by DNA for their article on starters :)

Note: post this Sassy Fork mailed me the following on squids

squid has cholesterol but is low in fat,specially the much feared saturated fat.
here's a link about the same
important how we cook things too

an important page