The rise of the Bloggerazzi...lunch with the TMRS folks at Swissotel

Candies, Ustaad and his jaalebis, Martin's Corner, Vada pao, 'Masala Trails', Scarlett and her love for coffee shops, 'Purple Foodie', 'Oh Calcutta, Mainland China', pao bhaaji, roshogolla, Bandra, butter pepper garlic squid ... not your everyday topic of discussion at Bangkok.. They feature prominently in the world of Finely Chopped ... and in today's workshop on using the 'Bloggerazzi' for mining consumer insights. Imagine getting an official forum to speak on one's passion...interspersed with case studies on Indian restaurants at Bangkok, Thai massage parlours at Mumbai, Kick Boxing and tarot card readers at Chatu Chak...that's what happened at the Esomar TMRS session this morning

Followed by the buffet lunch at Swissotel which included poached squids and mussels, kheema fry-like minced pork, Suki Naki - grass noddles with shrimp on a flat grill, hot and sour, sweetish clear beef soup, shrimp rice, caramelised chicken in basil...and somewhere strange looking tandoori chicken and a pasta counter...desserts where for a change I chose the West over the Orient... photographing away as I spoke to fellow delegates

This is how Tandoori chicken looks when cooked by a Swiss Hotel in Thailand

My love for Thai food deserts me when it comes to desserts

Hot and sour clear beef soup...slightly on the sweet side

Suki noodles on a flat teppenyaki like grill

The making of suki yaki

Minced pork...Thai kheema masala

Loved the poached squids

Poached mussels. memories of Bourdain in Frane in a Cook's Diary
Did a Dravid as I had to convert a 20 m presentation into a 3 hr workshop

The TMRS folks & Pravin...note to self, don't sit for group photos

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Unknown said…
Kudos- i can hear the applause that followed. cant wait to catch up with you and see your presentation.
Archana Bhui said…
Doesnt Tandoori chicken 'almost always' look weird outside India?!?!

I'm intrigued by the poached squids.. how did it taste??
Sassy Fork said…
wow! wish we could have attended the workshop!
Anonymous said…
So hows about a proper presentation to all of us bloggers? What say? I volunteer venue and food!

Scarlett said…
Congratulations! How'd it go?
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Archana...delish...v well falvouresd

@Rushina..better still let me cook a green curry and present it

@Sassy Fork..tks :)

@Scarlett...well a resident Brit from our local office had come. He said he never saw Thais get so involved in a was good, anyway just chatted about food :)