The Knife's Cut: Some clear Mumbai favourites

I normally find it difficult when people ask me to name favourites, but I think I have developed a strong point of view on some places by now. You will get links to all these places by typing in the name in the search field

  • Parsi: Cafe Ideal Corner, Fort
  • Chinese: Ling's Pavilion, Colaba
  • Goan: Martins, Colaba
  • Bengali: Oh Calcutta, Tardeo
  • Udipi: Swagath, Fort
  • Mangalorean: Apoorva, Fort
  • Punjabi: None
  • Lucknowi: Kakori House (Maratha...but then keeping five stars out), Bandra
  • Thai: Thai Pavilion (I know its a five star but this is a clear winner), Cuffe Parade
  • Irani Cafe: Yazdaani Bakery, Fort
  • Maharashtrian food: Purepur Kolapur (sorry, don't dig Gomantak too much but Sayba works for me), Dadar
  • Keralite: Hotel Deluxe, Fort
  • Continental: Out of The Blue (food), Yellow Tree (ambience), Bandra
  • Muslim/ Moghlai food: Olympia, Colab
  • Coffee Shop: Gloria Jean's, Bandra
  • Overall favourite - where I'd rather be at any time: Candies @McRonnel, Bandra


Bombay Foodie said…
Punjabi - NONE!!!!

You need to fix that :)

What's wrong with the Dhaba? Copper Chimney? Saffron?
Unknown said…
Super list Kalyan. I swear by your recommendations. Last time I was in bandra (when you recommended Yellow tree). I walked from Pali Naka to Yellow tree. On the way, I saw Pali Hill Village. Walked in.. loved the interiors.. remembered your review.. walked out. Yellow Tree it was. And alot of fun.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Simran: Have only been to the Dhaba...and the biggest problem is that I have eaten Punjabi food at Delhi and Ludhiana
Kalyan Karmakar said…
I am sure they have my photo on a dart board at PVC
Anchal said…
About your recommendations - even though I live like next to both PVC and YT, I can't bring myself to go to PVC, and even though the staff screamed at me at YT (long story), I decided to give it another try and loved it. I think its something to do with sitting upstairs - not so nice up there.

And for Punjabi food, as much as I agree Bombay is a big let down - what about Punjab Grill/ Moti Mahal (Tandoori Chicken and Daal is nice)and regular type food at Papa Panchos - they get the Kadi right...
Anonymous said…
That is as good a list as any. Bravo!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
At Anchal, yes PVC was one place which really ticked me off. Getting insulted doesn't work for me.

Another friend of mine too found YT to be nicer downstairs than up.

I have ahad a few decent meals at Khaane Khaas and the odd one at Papa Poncho (a bit inconsistent) and even Punjab Sweets...but now wowed...was unimpressed by Moti Mahal

Thanks Anon
Mili said…
wt abt Italian??? n have u tried Angheeti in Vile Parle for Punjabi food?
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Mili, what I loosely termed as 'continental' includes Italian which still dominates the Western food options at Mumbai. Not been to Angeethi
Moonshine said…
Copper chimney is quite ok for punju food! Even Papa Pancho I like - though only some items of their menu.
SAD & BAD!!! fix..the punjabi stuff!!
I bettya u wud find millions in Zillions..:)
we wanna see some gud punjabi stuff too :)
Anonymous said…
Nice blog!
spiceandmore said…
Giid timing with this list Kalyan - thanks! I was about to write to you to ask for some recommendations. I am coming to India for a very brief visit in a few days. How about a food bloggers lunch on Sunday 12th? You can choose the location!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Hey A, great to hear from you. Let me see if I can work out something. Perhaps we could do Oh Calcutta which you missed out on last time.
spiceandmore said…
Yeah good thinking. I need a true Bengali to guide me through Bengali food (one Indian cuisine I have never really explored)~ :)
Daniel D'Mello said…
Gloria Jeans for coffee? Seriously? Isn't CBTL better?

I had the best Punjabi food ever at this tiny restaurant on the junction of 4 & 7 bungalows, opp Link Rd, Andheri (W). I think it was called Punjabi Dharbar or something like that. Tiny but cosy. And superb food. Of course, I went there years ago so I don't know if it's still open.
spiceandmore said…
Me again...
Came across this while doing "research" for my trip to India. What do you think of this Junjabi place - one to add to your list?

Also, let me know if you guys are free to meet up for lunch or dinner on Sunday. I am staying in Colaba this time (the memory of those three hour taxi rides from Juhu to south Bombay can still make me this time I am going to try and avoid the traffic!). Send me an email if you can meet.
Urban-Clicks said…
Hey.. Wat about Cafe Britannia? The Berry Pulav is just so awesome there..
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Daniel, I prefer the overall cosy atmosphere at GJ. CBTL IS better when it comes to food though

@A: Crystal is a very old, spartan, vegetarian, North Indian place. Haven for hostelites and people living away from home. Used to be a favourite haunt in my early years.

I'll mail you

@NeVille: Yes Britannia and its dishes are more famous