It's been too long since I posted. Chiang Mai's Thai Cooking Schoo where I did a precocious Lisa Simpson, the Doi Suttep temple where I was touched by the spirituality of the love a couple in our group had for each other and my rather bleak thoughts on Bangkok, the city of curries, scams and temples ... Yes got a lot to write about. Was a bit travel weary so thought I will use my new BB and write a quick note till I hit the comp again. After, !angkok I spoke to fellow market researchers in India yesterday on the 'Bloggerazzi'. Shared stories on food from Finely Chopped. The most intriguing response was 'very colourful presentation'. Though must admit that there were quite a few who were quite fascinated by the world of blogging. And yes, the Westin Mumbai, did nothing to reduce my disdain for five star conference buffets