Somewhere around Bangalore

Dinner 1. Congealed buffet in a restaurant where I was by myself. The bun and butter was good. Things can only get better from here. Specially once I hit bangalore on Friday night.

Gawked like a villager at the Bangalore domestic airport. I was last here in 07 and the old airport was really rundown then. This one, I thought I'd need a passport. Great loos, abundant, easy access to baggage, lovely smell of sambar at the lobby ... nice ethno touch. What impressed me the most was the ease at which I got a local radio cabs with at least four official courteously escorting us to the cabs ... in a romantic spa...for time sheet stuff... well at least the good thing about staying alone in hotel room in India is Star World.

Wish I'd got some of the Thai Mama's Tom Yum cup o noodles from home though.