Baking Goddess Gia's Christmas Cakes are coming to town

Christmas 2009

She came into our lives a year back.

A friendship which grew over her first large batch of Christmas cakes, rum balls and a dark chocolate cake which made Kainaz call her 'Baking Goddess Gia' and describe it as 'the cake which spoilt her for all other cakes'. Then there was the Nutella birthday cake baked straight from the heart. A gooey chocolate cake with almonds. A tantalising red meat dinner followed by a seductive chocolate mousse with chocolate chips pressing the hot buttons. And then a vanilla tea cake to go with coffee. A dense chocolate loaf in between whose praise I only heard off from K and the two friends we had gifted it to.

Last heard Gia Fernandes was surrounded by rum and fruits as she was putting this year's batch of Christmas cakes to bed. Call her at 9967023174 or mail her at if rum soaked Christmas cakes talk to you.

I would recommend her chocolate cakes too...why should Christmas last only for a day?

Here are some of her creations which have earlier featured on Finely Chopped:

The cake which spoilt all other cakes for K

Nutella birthday cake

Almond cake. Pic credit: Jyotika Purwar
Rum balls
Vanilla cake

If these turn you on then wait till you bite into the chocolate chips nestling inside


Harman said…
GR8..I ..Love that coffee and cute..Rum ball ...looks very nice..
Vanilla cake of similar kind I have tasted it s awesome...!!
Moonshine said…
How can I get that cup thingy? It looks delicious.. I am unable to find a word that describes it!
Moonshine said…
An inadequate word, if any!
Gia's cakes and desserts are divine!

We just had her almond cake and if you are like me, and like your cake to have a substantial bit of cake in it, not just piles of icing, you'll love it!
The knife said…
@Moonshine: this is how you can get the cup thingy:
soul speaks said…
Hi Kalyan, I truly wish I could get these here in Delhi, and I had someone like you to tell me where to get it from. Yes and like moonshine rightly says, even I would like to get hold of 'the cup thingy' :)

warm regards
The knife said…
@Rekha, hope Santa hears you :)