Finely Chopped for president... log in on Facebook to vote

Well Finely Chopped has been nominated under the best food category in the Blogjunta polls. Which means I have to canvass for votes. Which is a waste of time since I never win anything in any case. But if you do want to, hint hint, then you have to log in on Facebook and vote here Or vote directly on the side bar of the blog

I have no idea what happens if I win...


hint taken :) u deserve it.
Ofcourse voted for u... You are in the lead - so all the Best!
Chetna said…
Voted for you Kalyan !! Now You are my official food critic and guide for best eating places in Mumbai and the wonderful bengali food recipes
Unknown said…
Congrats Kalyan! Of course I voted for you. Did you doubt it? Don't ever. Now you'll have to tag me along with you for a day or two of eating out the next time I am in Bombay. Don't know when that is going to be but I'd like to see the knife in action. Only if the knife is willing of course. How about it?! :-)
I was looking for a way to vote multiple times. Still am. Pretty sure I can manage it. :-)
So when will the results be out?
All the best! I hope you win.
Shaswati said…
voted - all the very best! :)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Well I guess my strength lies in those whose names start with S :) Thanks so much Somoo, Shorms, Shaswati...seems like am way behind the Didi brigade so need some good old Leftist Scientific Rigging (those familiar with West Bengal Politics will get this)

Thanks for writing in Chetna, hope that none of your experiences are contrary to to mine but do write in if they are...things change after all

@Shobita, that's a done deal :) results would be out in the first week of Feb
Shobita K said…
YEEAAAHHHH! We have a deal!