Goodie Bag ... KL, London, Michigan, LA to Bandra

So Christmas is gone. New year too. Another birthday is breathing down my neck.The odd white hair trying to douse the petulant angst at not being able to go to Goa. Possibly for the first time in about six years. Unless there is a miracle.

In between the big dates, gifts have been flowing in. I guess good hearted people don't look for occasions. There was the desperately craved for Old Town White Coffee which Ipsita sent from KL through a trail as complex as the old Silk Route. And a very distinguished diary from Starbucks to boot.

The sweet, cheerful sophisticated yet spirited pink champagne chocolate truffles from Harrods that Xanthe Clay got me. They so exemplified her as I found during our afternoon at Fort.

Soma, my junior in college, whom I actually got to know through Facebook and blogger, got three exotic air cured meats all the way from the US when she came to India for a week. Got them thoughtfully packed and shipped to me from Calcutta. You have read about the chorizzo. Tonight K and I ate the air cured pepper crusted dry salami with crusty bread and cheese for an amazing dinner.

K returned from LA today bearing a pan turner (no more twisted omelets), a cheese slicer (a cheese addict's chillum), butter spreaders with dinky cheese motifs, a book on quotes food by cooks and a Monterey Jack and Cheddar infused cheese.

Loved the last line

The cheese was recommended 'for my husband who is a food blogger' by Christopher Keks. A German who was a model in Italy. A soap opera star in Germany. Now a production assistant in LA waiting to make it to the movies. 

At times I feel amazed by all these stories I come across. An ad agency girl quitting and following her wanderlust, living her dreams through her  'Broken Compass'. Or another girl who studied law at Oxford. Practised law in the UK and in Tokyo. Apprenticed in a coffee shop at London. Returned to India ten years after leaving Delhi. To set up a coffee shop at Mumbai!

This is the city of dreams. If you have the stomach for them.

Or as Cervantes says, (quoting the new book) 'The best sauce in the world is hunger.'


Scarlett said…
Aren't you the lucky one!!! And I'm inspired with the story of the girl who studied law at Oxford and set up her coffee shop in Mumbai. I so want to be her :(
Pinku said…
Lovely Goodie Bag!!

Lucky you. :)
Sue Cope said…
we recently bought some coffee beans from an estate down in TamNad which we had previously tried at a coffeehouse in Covent Garden, London - reckon you should definitely try it and then blog about it. Would be happy to share some!
nice goody bags...isnt it fun to be blessed by lovely blogger s!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Scarlett: you bet I am :) These stories are inspiring. Question is what do we do after we hear them

@Pinku< lucky indeed :)

@Sue, that would be wonderful. I love coffee. But we don't have a grinder and i try to make do with a good instant. My current poison is Davidoff's rich aroma which i get from Pali Market

@Harman, it sure is :)
k said…
You are welcome
Shobita K said…
What yummy gifts from all around the globe! How were those pink chocolate truffles? And how were Kainaz's travels?