Lazy post: Khar Koli Fresh Water Fish Festival at Poonam's

Off to a vegetarian dinner cooked by a friend. Might label these later. Might not :) OK, I did Mom's always thrilled by the fact that they cut and clean the fish here unlike in Calcutta where you have to pay another guy to do so. In fact Mom let me to Poonam's shop when she came to Mumbai. Poonam and her sister and mom were thrilled to know that I had gone to the Vasav Koli Festival.

By the way, this is a post by Sassy Fork on a real Koli Festival going on at Mahim right now

Rui Kaalia step one

Ilish...the key to a Bong's heart

Poonam Cuts my ilish. Her mom cuts the rui

While her sister negotiates price with another docile Bengali gentleman

This surmai looks a bit stunned

wish I knew how to cook crabs

I bought some surmai slices even as K hollered on the phone "but we never finish them"

Ironically fresh water fish is cheaper than sea fish in the coastal city of Mumbai

These prawns looked so tempting. Why couldn't spinach have high cholesterol?

Machher mudo or fish head. A Bengali wet dream

The Koli fresh water fish festival

Putting a price to our friendship

Sorry fellow Bongs

A well stocked Bong fridge

Alu chhok. A dish inspired by a tweet by @madhumita

Ilish bhaaja