Microwaves & plastics - A reader comment

An interesting reader comment which I thought was worth sharing with all. Question is what do you store food in the friedge in then?

"for the love of food and for all the food-porn you have been constantly treating us to, I have to say two things - 1. Please do not store fish or any food item in plastics in the freezer( even if it comes with " safe to microwave" labels. It is not. Do not microwave food in any kind of plastics. Plastics / tupperware are only to store dry items for a short period. My uncle is a leading oncologist in the country and it comes from his published papers. So I am passing this on to you for good health, long life and so we keep getting our daily dose of food porn ;)

2. Here is how you can cook crabs - my all time fav- http://www.aayisrecipes.com/2006/05/24/crabs-gravykurle-ambat/

There are more here too :



Try it, you wont regret!1

15 February 2011 02:20"