Any idea about the Vashi Spice Market?

Hello Kalyan,

Trust you are doing good.

The reason for this mail is that one of my friends is visiting us from

USA. He got to know about some spice market in Vashi which we plan to

visit. I checked it online and it looks like a wholesale MKt. I

believe there are 5 markets and market 1 is the spice mkt. Would you

have any idea about this place ? Is it worth visiting ?




Piggy Little said…
i dont know about the market, but i like much the sandesh in the header!!! :)
Gastronomist said…
I haven't been there and haven't heard of it. Sounds like a waste of time, ask Neelam to avoid it. There are other spice markets in Bombay!
Soumya said…
It is a wholesale market. Dusty, trucks, lines of cemented kirana stores between godowns. No 'atmosphere' like khari baoli in Delhi. Please do skip.

ps: we crossed paths at a Gloria Jeans in Bandra around 6 months ago :)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Piggy Little: well have some rolls now :)

Thanks Anurag

Thanks Soumya and yes, of course, I remember :)