Chilly and yet so warm. I heart Sydney

Landed at Sydney after being boiled in the cramped (middle row) Virgin Blue flight. Landed at 6.30 am and reached the Vibes Hotel. The warmest hotel I have been to here. With a touch of colour and hospitality so missing in the earlier more grand Crown Promenade & Intercontinental. Brown walls, purple sofa covers, red cushions, any surprise that they gave me an early check in and didn't charge me for that unlike the earlier lot? Sleeping up to 2.30 pm is just what I needed on Saturday. A couple of train rides, 5 minutes and at the quay with the opera house and harbour bridge coming out to say hi. Walking down to to the picturesque Rocks area with its historic buildings. Very grey. Chilly. Yet warm and beautiful. Istanbul grannies making glozem (spinach, cheese, beef parathas). Mocha at Gulian Cafe which made me forget my distaste for mochas. What a heady taste experience. Playing with Atticus, the Great Dane, who was with with his fairy godmother and wizard like father who were sipping beer on the cobbled streets by cafe...old cobbled buildings...yes I love Sydney and this just the beginning


Moonshine said…
You stir up my vivid imagination!!! Sigh!!!!!!!!!!! I wish...
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