Press: The Hindu

Well I am back from Calcutta after an astounding trip and a fantastic set of photos. Probably need to take a week off to post. But hope to begin writing soon.

Woke up to this tweet just before I left Mumbai. Hey Kalyan, good to see you in today's paper! @ This was from @saffrontrail at Hyderabad. A doctor with a food blog.

Soon friends such as Manisha and Sanchita sent me the link. The result of an interview on phonel one Saturday afternoon while Banu cleaned the room around me and K too instructions from me on what to cook to relay to Banu


Anonymous said…
Coool dude !! It is only a matter of time before your blog become one of the most sought after nation wide. Congrats!!

congrats! many more milestones to cover!
I always ..look forward to your blogs!
Linhy said…
Very cool!!!!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Thanks Manu, Harman, guys are too kind
Supernova said…
That's great...proper celebrity hoye gechen dada! :)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
ha ha ta hole boltam naa
hindu blog said…
It's sensational post and also image. I liked it.