A quiet celebration. Flower Drum, Melbourne

Flower Drum. Apparently one of Melbourne's poshest Cantonese restaurants. I was there as a guest at a private dinner hosted by our local office.

A grand meal and a grand venue which turned out to be so apt for a good day at work.The conference had a happy ending.

So, yes the dinner did turn out to be a quiet celebration. 

I guess you need to have your friends around to really let your hair down. And there are so many of you out there. So many of you offering to take me around or suggesting places to go to make my trip nicer. So what better thing to do than blog about what happened today while I am at the other side of the world?

And tomorrow I meet a Finely Chopped Knight at Melbourne and we will celebrate. And then another at Perth too.

So here are some rather under-lit pictures of an exquisite dinner where I kept talking about how much iImissed KL, my friends and its food to a senior colleague who settled at KL many years back.

The Flower drum. Another Melbourne treasure again tucked deep in an alley

The first course of scallops and i knew that we had a great innings ahead. What a heady taste experience

The quails were the only weak link

The baked crab was delightfully creamy

The peking duck wrapped in a pancake was chunky and yet juicy...very regal

The cray-fish...the point at which we begun to stagger a bit

Fantastic Angus Ribs. Medium raw and incredibly juicy, tender and pink

Fruit so juicy that even I gobbled them
almond biscuits

Our little private dinner...was a pleasure to be invited

Main to saab ban gaya as Dilip Kumar would say
It pays to buy a white full shirt. Mini Me


Sassy Fork said…
Congrats Kalyan! Calls for a big party dude!!!
Moonshine said…
CONGRATULATIONS Kalyan!!!!!!!!! This is so exciting!! For all of us too :)