The second easiest daal recipe in the world...pressure cooked moong daal

I had earlier written about the microwave masoori daal which K makes inspired by mom and has now taught Banu and me. This is the easiest daal to make in the world.

Well, I discovered the second easiest daal to make today. This was inspired by something K cooked in the early years of our marriage when she shocked me by not roasting the moong daal before cooking it. I remember getting quite agitated then.

Today's daal was so easy that I managed it with a bad back and when I was blind with hunger. I didn't want to have the rotis and Bengali cabbage shobji which Banu made yesterday and which were in the fridge by themselves. It seemed to dry. I needed something to go with it.

So here's what I did:

  • I soaked half a cup of moong daal in 3 times the water in a pressure cooker. I added half a teaspoon each of turmeric and sugar and some salt to this
  •  I broke two basic rules. I didn't roast daal unlike in the Bong bhaaja (fried) moonger daal. Nor did I soak it for a while as other daals should be. I was hungry. I switched on the gas. Waited for 3 whistles of the cooker and another 2,3 minutes then on low flame. In an ideal world should have given it more time. Lifted the whistle of the cooker with a spoon to let out the steam and opened the cooker. I was in a hurry and ideally shouldn't have been in the kitchen
  • I placed a pan on the gas and melted a teaspoon of ghee, added some shada jeere or cumin seeds
  • When it crackled I added a dry red chili and a split green chili, brought the daal to boil, added a pinch of red chilly powder and jeera or cumin powder to it
  • I let the daal in the pan to bubble on a high fame for 3,4 minutes and switched it off as the daal thickened
The result was fantastic and I am not even a big daal lover. It was warm, the ghee added just the right touch of indulgence and coquetishness with the latent heat of the chillies adding to the mystique. The touch of sugar added balance. The under spiced daal did bring alive a rather simple lunch of roti and cabbages. Credit goes to the ghee or clarified butter to a large extent if you ask me.


Anonymous said…
Hey Kalyan, Can you tell me what the picture on your banner is? Are they some kind of sweets? I've never seen them before. They look like cute earthen matkis.
nice recipe!
I am not a big fan of ..moong daal thou!!
can be tried..thanks for sharing...
And Ghee??:D
Anonymous said…
I think the credit should go to your hunger! The hungrier you are, the tastier things become - yes even the simple ones.
I like moong daal but the only time I really like it is when I am very very hungry with no other options.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Manu, this is 'jolbhora shondesh' or the soft centred jaggery sandeshes of Bengal. The shape is a creative take by this sweet shop. Didn't eat any so can't say how this batch was

@Harman, what's life without a touch of ghee. Bongs add ghee to rice though and not daal

@Anon, beleive me, this one tasted good :) I have many options at a phone call away
Anonymous said…
Add a pinch of hing (asofoetida) when you are boling the dal in a pressure cooker. Gives a nice flavour - and eliminates the need for Ghee at a later stage