Sydney. No Reservations

I thought I had my best day at Oz yesterday. Then today happened. Fish Market with Allison. Then with the family at their house all day. A day of great conversations, bruschetta with bread baked at home, home cooked grilled trout, ham and cheese rolls, pesto salsa, sourdough loaves, salt and pepper calamari, baked potatoes preceded by oysters, fish & chips, then cappuccino, cannoli, gellato with some wine & ale in between

Wait for me to put up the photos and write the full post once I am off the world of internet kiosks


SC said…
Dear Kalyan(da),

I have been reading your blog on and off for a few months now, but this is the first time I am writing a comment. And it is the post about your father that you wrote on his 25th anniversary that shook me to write to you. Like your father, mine was born in Borishal, studied medicine in Calcutta and went to the UK where my parents lived for about 11 years. He is a surgeon as well, who loves to cook and entertain people and has friends from practically all over the world. I was back home on a short trip and even though Daddy isn't very well he cooked biryani and kosha mangsho for me. A little bit of my Dad lives in me - in the form of his mannerisms and maybe even eccentricities, as you said it does in you. Thank you for such a beautiful memoir, it made me cry thinking of how far away my Dad is - I hope to go back home for a visit soon again.

I really enjoy your blog, especially the tidbits about your family (K and her family, Mum, Brother & wife, Banu, everyone). Please also tell your Mum that I love her diaries - the tales of an Indian Doctor's wife are fascinating and familiar to me at the same time. I am looking forward to hearing about more snippets of her life.

Best wishes,

ps. Sorry for the long comment. I would have written you an e-mail but I couldn't find your e-mail id.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Hi SC,

I read this comment the day I landed at Mumbai. But was too dazed to open the the comp and then went off the Gurgaon before I returned. But a what a wonderful welcome home this comment was.

Was really introgues to hear about our six degrees of separation and hope that you get to eat your dad's biriyani and kosha mangsho soon. Or perhaps I can drop by? :)

Ma's written more stuff but just haven't got aroung to publishing them yet. These words of appreciation mean a lot to her.

Take care

Kalyan (kkarma74atgmaildotcom)