Pity the 'L A Woman'... Mocha Mojo, Bandra

Lets change the mood from glad to sadness
Mr. mojo risin, mr. mojo risin x2
Got to keep on risin
Mr. mojo risin, mr. mojo risin
Mojo risin, gotta mojo risin
Mr. mojo risin, gotta keep on risin
Risin, risin
Gone risin, risin
Im gone risin, risin
I gotta risin, risin
Well, risin, risin
I gotta, wooo, yeah, risin

K pointed out that in the olden days when men would get angry they would take out their hands and strangle people. Or take their guns out and shoot.

Today they take their hands out and reach for the phone. And tweet. "Now even the Bengali man can use his hands toshow his rage" she said. 

Though with statements such as "I am very full and yet unhappy". And earlier unlady-like expletives peppering breakfast conversation. "How much &^%*$ time does it take to get $%&%   %^*&#  bread", I would say she was the angrier bird.

It was close to 1 pm but in my book, the first meal of the day, whatever time it is, is breakfast. After three great weekend waffle and coffee breakfasts, and an evening Bahout Berry shake chat, Mocha Moja seemed an obvious choice for breakfast.

They didn’t have a simple Mocha at Mocha! The chocolate infused cappuccino of coffee shops. The uncharacteristically limp cappuccino that followed. A weak ‘morning after’ after the robust cappuccino last evening at the Bandra Reclamation Barista. The over-sweet, barely visible chocolate chip, cookie. None of this made for a good start to the day.

Hash omelet followed. And crisp, hard French Fries.

The omelet was stuffed with mashed potatoes, herbs and again barely visible bits of salami. A nice hearty feel but completely lacking in salt. Not that they asked for our BP reports while taking the order.

Our BP did go up thanks to the ciabatta bread slices that came with the egg. Toasted to biscuit-like consistency. It was inedible and K wanted fresh soft bread. Repeated pleas which went from polite requests to angry outbursts, two waiters, expressions of intent to pay for the extra bread, twenty minutes of teeth gnashing finally got us a plate of ciabatta slices at Rs 80 extra. This batch was softer, toasted again and frankly would have been appropriate at a prison perhaps where survival is the key.

Well after three days of being AWOL, Bunkin Banu is back. I am looking forward to some bhaat, bhaaja moonger daaal, alu bhaaja and begun bhaaja to comfort me after the disastrous breakfast.

Perhaps I should have skipped the coffee and gone for the wine and alcohol list that they were trying to push us at Mocha Mojo. Pity it was breakfast.

But I will be back. For the waffles.

The food at Mocha Mojo was disappointing today as was their cold reaction to our obvious discomfiture. They included a ten pc service charge to their bill and K tipped over that.
Tthere was a ten pc service charge at our dinner at Bungalow 9 the other day. The service was really good there. I didn’t top it. The amount was large enough. I threw up the topic for discussion on the Finely Chopped Facebook page. This is what followed. Would love to hear your take?
Finely Chopped
Would you tip over and above a 10 pc service charge added to the bill?
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Nikhil Merchant Iv always wondered what's the politically correct thing to do? -- I'd say no! Am I wrong ?
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Poli Gupta No !! Unless they were extra nice or my boys were extra loud and the guys went out of their way to keep them busy /entertained ...
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Finely Chopped The service was really good but the ten percent did translate to a fair bit so I skipped actually but was in two minds
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Orko Basu What Poli Gupta said.
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Poli Gupta you did the right thing ..If it is included ..thats all u have to give
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Finely Chopped I was pretty quiet Orko, Poli
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Pallavi Sharma No. I used to wonder earlier, but now am sure abt it. No extras if they ve already deducted it. Same rule in india and elsewhere.
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Eeshani Chakraverty u were right!!
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Manisha Talim Many a times we don't even realise that the service tax is included...even Global Fusion includes it
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Sue Cope Yes - because I tend to feel that when service is included it rarely actually gets to the waiter. In the UK it is 'optional' and so I always ask them to remove it so I can give it to the waiter directly (sometimes it causes a hullabaloo but hey!)
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Kaniska Chakraborty depends on the kind of service provided. tips to me translates to "to insure privacy, to insure prompt service...". if i am satisfied, i may go over and above the 10%.
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Aashim Tyagi I can only understand a service tax if it is a big group. Otherwise it's totally uncalled for, imho and should be left to the diner to tip based on the service one gets. But I guess in India where tipping culture is horrendous it' necessary.
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no. and i hate the 10% service charge. only because it doesn't allow me to decide how much i'd like to pay for the service. i can understand restaurants wanting to include it, so everyone is forced to pay, even the cheapskates. but i think ...it sort of removes the incentive for great service and somehow absolves the restaurant of its responsibility. mayb restaurants shd encourage great service with a reward system that they pay for. also, it's only the fancy shwancy restaurants that follow this system. so now if i've got great service and there's a 10% service charge, and the amount is substantial, i ask for a feedback form and mention the persons name, and how good he/she was at their job.See more
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ISingCakes & more Not really,though hubby tends to pay everytime we visit eateries. I like paying only when there is some extra care taken which rarely happens.Chennai Dosa, a South Indian restaurant near our town has a kind of a jar by the till to drop in any coins.
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Finely Chopped Oh Calcutta has 8 pc and that's one place where I add over that without a second thought. But that's being clannish. Actually we pay a lot more at restaurants for the same dish than if we cook it at home. Don't know why tipping has to be extra. But that's a more global issue and has been there for ages and not relevant to this discussion
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Delilah Martis hmmm i always wonder too. end up paying 5% extra sometimes if the service was really good and rarely leave nothing xtra, but if i kept guilt aside then i'd say no, not needed.
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Kurush F Dalal v rarely ..... kinda like the death penalty .... in the rarest of rare cases
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Sue Cope I don't tip like they do in the US though... which is even when the service is bad and then 15-20% (that one shocked me when we went for the first time!)
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BongMom CookBook Waitresses/Waiters here make most of their money out of tips. I think the salary is adjusted that way. The norm is 10-15% in most sit down restaurants, definitely 15% and more in fancier ones. They give you the "looks" otherwise.
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Finely ChoppedBongMom CookBook But these are cases where they add SC. Not sure if they do that in the US


Sue said…
yep - we were there this morning/afternoon sitting on the table beside you actually (but didn't want to interrupt your bank holiday brekkie) and it was all pretty bad at our table too. None of the usual staff in there this morning so perhaps that had something to do with it??
Buls said…
I think 10-12% service charge is generous enough for any kind of service- excellent or good. Why top that? Even if service was out of the world I never pay more than 5%... 10% is anyway over and above my budget
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Didn't guess it was you Sue but come to think of it you guys did look a bit grim. Should have given us a shout.

I agree Buls