Shoot-out at Ling’s Pavilion, Colaba

I still can’t believe that I hadn’t been to Ling’s Pavilion after spending a decade at Mumbai. The Sassy Fork took me there one day.

Since then Ling’s has become my favourite Chinese restaurant in the country and probably one of my favourite restaurants overall. And I have discovered that all my friends were either people who loved Ling’s or fell in love with it after I introduced them to it. Ling’s has spoilt us for all Chinese restaurants at India since.

Today, Johnny our favourite waiter there, marvelled at how seamlessly we ordered. Not the usual chaos that follows when large groups come to restaurants. To start with, there were no vegetarians. As Johnny said, “I am allergic to vegetarians. And they argue over broccoli, corn, mushrooms…. too much.'”

Johnny at Ling's

By the way if any of you are from the 80s then the name Johnny might remind you of this song:

As I told Johnny any one of us could have ordered today and yet we would have all been satisfied. That’s how connected our group of ten were.

I have written about Ling’s before but had never photographed the food with my new camera. Plus the lighting there is a challenge. So I took the camera today. The results were quite satisfying barring the first shot of the prawns.

So what follows is a bit of a photo post.


Chilli garlic prawns. A great starter Sassy Fork introduced us to

Chilli Garlic prawn

A very authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice. You have to book this a day in advance though

A very authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice

Pork soup dim sums. A great discovery through our friend and Ling’s addict @qtfan (twitter). You have to add vinegar through the hole on the tap. A Chinese phuchka?

 Pork soup dim sums SONY DSC

Foo yong or Chinese omelettes

 Foo yong or Chinese omelettes

Pork belly with bean curd and shitake mushrooms. The dish of the day

 Pork belly

Pan fried noodles… never liked it any other restaurant after we tried it here

Pan fried noodlesSONY DSC 

Owner Baba Ling (in black) & Johnny supervise the pot rice being assembled

Baba Ling (in black) & Johnny supervise the pot rice being assembled Minced meat pot rice assembled in front of you  SONY DSC SONY DSC

Roast duck with plum and chilli sauce. Looked deceptively dry but was incredibly juicy

roast duck                     roast duck                SONY DSC

Red snapper in oyster sauce… ho hum. Like a Bollywood blockbuster. Big, colourful… forgotten once you step out

Red snapper in oyster sauce

And for those who wonder how I don’t explode after all this food, taking photographs when the food arrives cuts down on your eating time you see.

Goopy Bagha at Ling’s as Soumik puts it. Photo by Gaurav Sharma


Our group that day and don’t miss Johnny and my portrait

SONY DSC                       SONY DSC                       SONY DSC                       SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC                       SONY DSC

By the way, was in the press today, Hindustan Times Mumbai edition


And my interview came out in the very popular Bengali food blog … Cook like a Bong

Thanks Sudeshna and Kalyan

Click here for the interview



Scarlett said…
"Kalyan Karmakar is known as much for his gastronomic skills as his number crunching abilities as a qualitative researcher". Know what I mean? ;)
missydee said…
The pictures take me back to one of my favorite places in Bombay! Good stuff with the newspaper article and all!
Gobri said…
We get this soup dimsum here (Penang) that is so big and has so much soup in it that you need to drink the soup with a straw and then eat the remains.
Nice post. Such gastronmic delights.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Scarlett: Journalistic license apparently. All I can say is that I am not a 'Karmarkar' and don't know how to make tiramisu either

@Dilshad: thanks....yes definitely one of my favplaces in town too

@Gobri: thanks and that's quite intriguing. Wish I knew of it when I went to Penang. Need to return I guess
Gaurav said…
Havent been to Lings in ages.. the last time i was there was a while ago and didnt really enjoy it.

Chinese messes up my stomach a great deal so i dabble a lot less than i used to. When i do go its China Garden or Oriental Blossom.

my rakhi sisters who are parsi go there when they are in the country. They should be in town soon, perhaps ill take em.
Aar Bee said…
It is unfair to post such mothwatering pictures that force me to cheat on my diet all the time! Not fair at all. Thanks to your pictures, I had to give my daal-bhaat a miss and bullied the husband into taking me out for a all-emcompassing Chinese dinner.
Needless to say, great post!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Gaurav: that's a good idea

@Aar Bee: i completely get where you are coming from :)