Across 'The Shadow Lines' on Saturday ... Paddington Arms Hotel, Max Brenner, Sydney

"Everyone lives in a story...because stories were all that were there to live in. It was just a question of which one you chose" 

The Shadow Lines, Amitav Ghosh

Well I don't know what stories were hidden behind the picturesque houses with gardens and benches on them. The promises of an idyllic life whispered in to your ears.

The shop fronts with a manicured vintage look. The Paddington market which reminded me of the Bazar at Candies a weekend back. This one didn't wait for us to finish our lunch. At five in the evening.

Or in The Paddington Hotel from another era which fed our hunger that afternoon. The cuddly Aussie 100 per cent beef burger. The fish and chips. Yes, beer batter no grill. Evoking memories of Benfish's fish butter fry. The million dips. And the aoli I heard so much about. The beef nachos which evoked memories of chur mur at Dakshinapan to the Kolkatan stationed at Sydney. Too much of masala in it for me. 

Or in the store where the 'bald man' Max Brenner sold his chocolates. In the sips of the Italian thick chocolate at Sydney's Paddington Road which brought back memories of Melbourne head quartered San Churros and its thick chocolate at Bandra Waterfield Road.

A Saturday spent across the Shadow Lines.