‘I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes’… Le Pain Quotidien, Colaba, Mumbai

Le pain Quotidien

Update: 16/10: well don’t know what to say. Got third time unlucky. Was welcomed with a long strand of hair in our potato and leek soup on Friday night. Spoilt the night. We waited for our roesti to come, finished and ran to the arms of Baba Ling and Johnny at Ling’s Pavilion. And, these guys at LPQ seriously need to start adding salt to food. But still, the rest of what follows was true too
Sometimes you know it’s just right.
As I did when I walked into Le Pain Quotidien at Colaba last Saturday.
Fell in love with the place the moment I pushed the door open. With all the lovely breads around. The cookies and croissants and cupcakes and cheesecakes. The high ceilings. The wood.
I took out my camera, hypnotised by the place. Mesmerised, I clicked away. Captivated by its spell.
breadsmuffins cookies  SONY DSC  Brownies: a bit drier than they looked Cupcakes: love this shot

I love photographing bread.

I was too full that day and went back with some soft-chew cookies that turned out to be outstanding. I am a sucker for good cookies. The chocolate brownie was deep but a bit crumbly in contrast to the what the camera lens promised.

We were back to Le pain Quotidien exactly a week later. Stepped in for coffee after a lovely lunch at Ling’s.

We sat down at the community table. And immediately knew I was right last time.

I stretched out. Felt completely at home. Languorous. In a happy place. Chatting away over French Press coffee, hot chocolate, cappuccino, cookies, banter, giggles and guffaws.
SONY DSCIMG02203-20111008-1626 IMG02200-20111008-1624
The community table       

I headed home with more cookies.

I knew I would be back. For breakfast. And for the mains.

For Love is all around at Le Pain Quotidien.
(contd below…)

Update: 9/10/11 (Trying to update this live on to Blogger reminded me what a messed up interface blogger is these days. Had to go back to Windows live editor. Hope the earlier comments are saved. And the net connection. Will probably laugh when I think back on these day but vein bursting stuff right now)

I did go to Le pain Quotidien for breakfast. A few hours after I wrote I would.

I woke K up the next morning. We drove down the Sea Link, Haji Ali, Marine Drive and reached Colaba from Bandra  in about 40 minutes.

She loved the vibe of the place too. The brightness and the chirpiness.

We had a scrambled egg with smoked salmon. The egg had a lovely texture. Needed a touch of salt. I wonder if this was intentional as the smoked salmon balanced this out. It was served with a rather crisp and Spartan wheat bread. Undiluted by maida or flour it seemed. Different from what one normally gets and probably needs some getting used to.

Some blue cheese on the side was just what I needed to lived up things. The salad with the cheese was zestful and balanced the dish.

scrambled egg with smoked salmonblue cheese 

I tried the French Press coffee which was sober, deep and strong. Just what I wanted while K sipped on her favourite frothy cappuccino.

French Press coffee cappuccino

After some initial confusion we did get our waffle with Belgian chocolate sauce with extra butter with and not before the coffee. As K pointed out the texture of the waffle was different from that of locally available waffles. Richer and more layered. The consistency just right. Not crisp. Not chewy or soggy.

wafflesSONY DSCSONY DSCwaffles with chocolate sauce    

Le Pain Quotidien was packed with locals and expats this Sunday morning. There were more babies and kids around here than at the average Bandra coffee shop as K noted.

We bumped into @lpatrao and her family. A twitter friend who moved from the virtual into the real world this morning thanks to our tweets. Turns out that like me, she too is very particular about getting her dessert with her coffee and NOT after. She had returned her coffee when it came without her apple crumble just as we returned ours when it came without the waffles.

And yet we were smiling. That’s the sort of place it is.

The decor and mood made you feel you were holiday abroad and not at India. And this breakfast cost Rs 1000 (20 USD) ... not cheap but worth it.

The sort of place one knows one would keep coming back to.





Scarlett said…
Finally India is warming up to the concept of quaint looking cafes & coffee shops that are so common in the West. I like!

Where in Colaba are they? I love the look of that Belgian Chocolate Brownie!
The Cloudcutter said…
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Gia Fernandes said…
I just love the interiors and whole vibe of this place. The communal table is a great idea, reminds me of a place I stayed at in Kerala where strangers would chat over meals and end up really good friends.

It's the kind of place I'd like to run someday, except it would be less la-di-dah French and more Portuguese-inspired Goan.

Need to try more of their stuff though. My brother loves the Belgian Chocolate Truffle Tarts that they have in Dubai.

P.S. Love Reign O'er Me by The Who is more my kinda song :-)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Guys so relieved your comments got saved

Scarlett, this is in the lane leading to The Taj. Where tendulkar's & three flights up used to be.

It's an international chain and today felt as if we were aborad when we went there for a breakfast. In a nice way.

Not sure if the Belgian brownie will work for 'brownie craving football loving' folks as it was a bit dry compared to the way it looked through the lens

@Gia: I will be the first customer the day you open your cafe and will keep everyone away till I have had my fill!!!!

Re the song... well can't help getting mushy around cookies can one?
Rohit Nyss said…
Hey love your project. Loving all the pics, now it's making me hungry.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Tks Rohit

@Scarlett: Talking of quaint looking coffee shops & coffees you might find me if you drop in at a place called Candies
Siya Malhotra said…

This is Siya,I am writing to you on behalf of Le Pain Quotidien.

Thank you so much for you wonderful review!We felt we simply must reach out to you after reading this! Please give us a shout out when you are at PQ next, we would love to meet you!!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Hi Siya,

Yes we had a great time. Folks who know me were shocked to know that I drove there on a Sunday morning. And it was completely worth it :)

Yes, will definitely say hi the next time I am there.

Soon I hope



PS what time do you shut at night?
Miri said…
Bandra to Colaba for breakfast - sounds like our Chennai to Pondy for lunch trips ;) BUT glad it was worth it! Those waffles look amazing - and I dont even like sweet stuff for breakfast!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Miri: I did it twice. drove back to colaba that night for dinner at Ling's
This comment has been removed by the author.

Le Pain Quotidien takes the last order at 11:30pm and shuts by midnight :)

The place has introduced an array of new dishes on its dinner menu as well. You must come and savour some fantastic food!!

Let us know the next time you visiting Le Pain Quotidien.

(Le Pain Quotidien)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Thanks Panchali...we were at Colaba on Sunday ...did think of LPQ for dessert and coffee but looked shut and we were a bit worn out by then...well this is good to know and will definitely let you know next time I am there
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Hi Panchali, Siya, plan to drop in for dinner tonight...
Gaurav said…
my experience at LPQ was below average but having looked at your post, i might give them another shot!! nice pictures...
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Gaurav possibly more the ambience than just the food though the hair in our soup in our last visit spoilt the place for us
kaevan said…
says the mrs:) i had some over the counter pastry there which was crap n the tart of the lemon tart was agggg the tea saddddd in spite of the fact that i asked them for the strongest tea or any assam blend that was available. so much so that i refuses to go there .
BUT i am a major waffle fan na tic .and after reading ur comments am rethinking of visiting just for the waffle.
lets see how that goes.
Anonymous said…
Hi Knifey! Felt good to read your post...this is exactly what reminds me of my own city- Bangalore...you should come down again!!