'Mute. Unfollow. Block'

Please do not send me incessant P R invites if I have not subscribed to your mailing list.

Worse still, don't become a 'friend' only to push your hidden agendas on my facebook wall, twitter feed or blog comment section.

I am going to invest my time and money on places that make me happy. Even if it means eating at Candies or Ling's again and again.

Not places you want me to go to and write about.

If I like something I'll praise it. If I don't I will say it.

I loved La Pain Quotidien the first two times and wrote about it. Let me down this evening and I tweeted and FB'd the same.

"Welcomed with a long strand of hair in the soup at le pain quotidien. Revolted, finished roesti & came running straight to the arms of Baba and Johnny at Ling's" (Finally calmed down as Baba Ling personally took our order and nearly wrestled with me when I ordered a soup which he felt was excessive. And when Johnny sent us date pancakes and ice creams once we were done with our epic meal of sweet corn crab soup,  pork belly in bean  curd and shitake, steamed rice and pan fried noodles).

 The the day you catch me praise something I actually didn't like is the day when you can say that I have sold out.

But till then all I can say is that Finely Chopped is not a billboard.


Sharmila said…
Hear, hear! Shubho Bijoya Kalyan! :-)
Satish Rajan said…
There, there, its all right, Kalyan.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Gaurav, bad hair day :)

Sharmila: Shubho Bijoya

Scarlett: time for a break
Rhea said…
Wow!! I suggest Candies brownies to calm the nerves. ;)
hey kalyan wht happened ..??
we like you for good post and recipes ...no guassa !
tc keep smiling
*all kinds of people are there in this world ..jus ignore.
Pinku said…
relax... :)

wondering who got your goat this bad though.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Needed to let off some steam. the poor pr and press hacks got it