Not quite Sleepless in Sydney: Darling Harbour & Kosha Mangsho tales

 So Sydney is the second city after KL where I returned to in less than 6 months for a furlough. The immigration guys always knew as I figured out when I saw my visa from the last trip was still valid.

What pulls me to a place?

It's the people.


Not sure if I'll blog regularly. Or diligently. You can check this album on the Finely Chopped Facebook page for updates.

Here are some pics from my return to Darling Harbour in day light. I spent my last night at Sydney there last time eating at the Meat and Wine Company.

This time had a teppenyaki fried rice at Kamikaze whipped up by a smiling chef.

"These are for facebook?"

"You like spicy? Indians like spicy"

Our rice did have a deep seated heat though my jet lagged middle aged Bengali tummy could eat only 1/5 th of a hearty Ozi Ozi Ozi serving.

Next time it is one rice and one of the chicken teriyaki from the next table which we ogled at instead of two rices for two

Lindt Cafe seemed just right after a ten minute amble in a sunny day with a nice nip. I just love the cold and didn't mind the grey and wet skies when I landed too.

Memories of Zurich re-lived at Darling Harbour. And Mumbai too as macarons spell Le 15 Patisserie to all of us from Mumbai.

And sorry doc but couldn't leave without having a mocha and a dark chocolate macaron could I?

I am sure you would too.

But I did have an orange for lunch today. And breakfast too

Cooked a very Bengali kosha mangsho for dinner Australian lean lamb chops, the local translucent onions, baby cream potatoes, master foods garam masala and all in a 'Vinod" pressure pan from Pali Naka Bandra.

And as the wine snobs would say, goes best with a spicy Shiraz complementing it.

What say George?


kunal said…
Great to have you back in oz!r u coming down to melbourne?
Kalyan Karmakar said…
great to be back Kunal. Just at Sydney too. No, Melbourne unlikely this time though am tempted to drop over to say hi
Anonymous said…
Lovely article as usual :)
Anonymous said…
Lovely article as usual :) keep writing. Vanita
nice..I like those spicy rice with shrimps on Griddle
...I usually eat BDs Mongolian ...which is very close to pictures shown here ..its fresh ...can be custom made per choice of proteins and veggies!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Thanks spiceandmore...hope to catch up soon

thanks Vanita

not eaten Mongolian yet Harman so would love to try it