When the ground shook for four decades ... Mom's post

A couple of days back I wrote a post called 'Shadow lines'. The title, of course, was that of the book by Amitav Ghosh which I was reading then. The post referred to food dishes at Sydney which sparked off memories from across continents.

Well I woke up at Sydney this morning and got this email from my mom:

"Hi! Enjoying? On Sunday there was an earthquake in Turkey. Once I was indirectly involved in a turkish earthquake. 

We were at tehran. An English driver drove our Audi to Tehran wth our goods. Your dad went to see him off to the Iran border. He left me and you with some non Bengali Indian doctors at Tehran. They lived in the hospital quarters. 

The whole day passed. At 9pm we heard that there was an earthquake at the Iran Turkey border exactly where your dad was to go.

I was at my wits end. the Indian Doctors were most unsympathetic.

I stood at one place holding you in my arms. It was the most frightful experience. 

Your dad came back after midnight and life returned to us. 

Turkey quakes always brings back those memories. 

Hope you are not bored. Pl share wth Knz or anyone u like. "

Well now you know where I get it from .... 


SC said…
Ohhh! Poor Mum, I can almost feel her anxiety in the lines. The words "life returned to us" says it all...