Back to the grind… Malvani Asvad, Andheri E

Back to work after a while. Turns out we have a three day weekend starting tomorrow. Well do I like to wean myself back slowly after a break.

Went with the guys at office to my favourite place to eat over here. The only place I eat at when I don’t carry lunch from home. Malvani Asvad. I think I had my last lunch before I left there too.

It was the usual bump and grind seating, jostled eating, fresh food coming down from the kitchen, consistently good…the owner Mr Kumar running around from table to table… smiles of joy and spiritual contentment all around

We ordered quite a bit… chicken sukha thali, chicken curry thali, pomfret fry, baby shark masala, Bombay duck fry, sol kadi and a vegetarian thali with the lone vegetarian who was made to sit at the table to ours…because we were five at a table for four.

pomfret fry prawn fry bombay duck fry chicken sukha thali chicken curry thali vade  shark masala welcome back kulfis

And, at the end, a welcome back gift of Kulfi on the house from Mr Kumar.

Yes, The Knife is back

 the lone vegetarians the reservoir dogs  Mr Kumar looks on as we gobble our free kulfis IMG02290-20111104-1509with Mr Kumar in the centre