The Omega Files: Thai style grilled pomfret

This would be of interest to you if you have a friend who keeps telling you to eat fish. And has the degree to give you medical advice
Worse if she tell you not to fry the fish! Which, for someone who is not really fond of fish, and a Bengali who can’t think of fish which is not fried at some point, is blasphemy.

But if you fry the fish then you don’t apparently get the omegas and other things which folks in the medical world get very tickled about.

So this is what I did last evening with fish. Worked for me in terms of taste. Though it’s not for those who like very heavy flavours in their meals. Hardly took any effort so I did the prep before a quick visit to the gym and pressed a button to cook it after I returned. Just right at the end of a working day.

Grilled fish. No oil. Dinner with a very clear conscience. Quite the Little Jack Horner.

And this is the ‘recipe’ for all it’s worth.

Take 2 medium pomfrets. I prefer these to the chunkier surmai or kingfish. Cost me Rs 250 (5 USD)  at Meghna Agro where they thawed, cleaned and sent the fish to my house.

Marinate with 2 tablespoons of Sriracha sauce (a Thai chilli sauce which is slightly sweet), 1 tablespoon of ginger paste, one teaspoon of fish sauce for seasoning and building on the Thai flavour, 1 teaspoon of salt. I added a slight Japanese touch with a teaspoon of teriyaki sauce. Your call. You could add soy sauce or skip this.

Let it rest for  an hour. I went to the gym after ages for a quick visit during this time.

Came back and heated the oven for about ten minutes as I covered the roasting tray with foil. Placed the fish on a base of chopped capsicum and onion. The ensures that the fish doesn’t stick to the tray. 

Popped the fish into the OTG and roasted it for 15 minutes at 225 degrees Celsius.

The best thing about grilling is that you can just switch on a button and you are done. No hands on stuff.

I was ready for dinner in about twenty minutes which gave the fish about five minutes to rest and settle down after the grilling. This lets the flavours come out better I am told.

grilled fish

The fish cooked pretty well and was yet juicy. The meat broke easily and was yet firm. I am stressing on this because fish doesn’t excite me too much. So given the constraints this was good enough for me.The flavours were subtle and not strong which is what works for me. Would be a problem if you like your food to be very spicy or need a lot of sauce.

I had this with steamed rice.

And am amazed at how I stretched a 2 minute dish into a reasonably long post.


Sassy Fork said…
Wow! That looks awesome! And only took 15 mins to cook!
Miri said…
looks delicious! as long as you dont overcook, grilling is perfect to have a nice light meal.

BTW, have you tried the new Vietnamese Basa fish which is all over and on every restaurant table? I bought a kilo (it comes frozen but beautifully the cold chain seems to remain unbroken), marinated in fish sauce, soy sauce, ginger, garlic and green chilli amd then grilled it - tasted sublime!! the flesh is so soft but firm and quite sweet

BTW, Im also having a giveaway on my blog if you are interested!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Sassy and none of that spent in the kitchen

@Miri: yes I know of basa and love the delicate nature of the fish
Kalyan, you are inspiring me to use the microwave for more things than just making coffee and heating up food!
Will go look for Sriracha sauce...