Super easy grilled chicken with East Indian Bottled Masala & Port


This recipe is so easy that I had to write it down. I found it when I looked at the bottles facing me on the kitchen shelf.

Take 500 g of chicken, ideally legs, marinate for at least an hour in 2 table spoons East Indian Bottle Masala, 3,4 teaspoons Port (I used Goan), 2,3 star anises, 1 bay leaf, 1 finely chopped green chilli. Place this on a bed of sliced onions on a baking tray. Don’t forge to slit the chicken surface so that the marinade can go in.

Heat the OTG/ oven at 220 c for 10 minutes. Put in the chicken tray and roast at 220 c for 30 min.

I left it inside the over as it cooked and went out to shop at Fab India. Re-modelling the tapestry at home and I think I have become a regular at Fab India. Got more smiles of recognition when i went in than I even get at Candies. I guess I have ‘boldly gone where no man has ever gone before.’

Anyway let the chicken rest in the oven for at least 20 minutes after its cooked. I recently learnt from @vishalkod that it is important to let grilled meat rest for the amount of time it was grilled/ roasted for so that the flavours settle in.

The result today was juicy and a pleasant mix of the spice of masalas, heat of chillies, slight sweetness of caramelised onions and the headiness of Port. Oil free and juicy. Healthy enough for the person who gifted me the East Indian Masala to approve of.

This ‘East’ Indian Masala from West of India was just perfect for a lazy Bengali from the real East of India. 

Some thanks are in order. To Rushina of a Perfect Bite for organise the warm and lively food blogger’s dinner last night. To La Pain Quotidien for hosting it. To Sassy Fork for the East Indian Bottle Masala and the many other lovely stuff she gives me. Chef L & Arpana of Gostana for the amazing pickles they just sent us – chicken, fish & lime. To Kiran Manral for pointing out that it is bottle and not bottled masala.


manjiri said…
hi! im dying to try this out. Do you mind sharing where you get your east indian masala from please?
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Manjiri, this bottle a friend gave me from a local fair at Bandra. Otherwise i buy it from meat shops such as Mark's
Manjiri said…
Thank you :)
Anonymous said…
Hi !!!

For East Indian Bottle Masala you can send in your requirements before end of March 2012 to :