Merry Christmas

The luscious limited edition Christmas cake

The most Christmasy thing that I did today was was biting into a slice of Christmas cake in the evening with coffee.  I had unwrapped and cut the cake in the morning so the rum spread more evenly by evening. The cake was dark and moist with plump raisins bursting with each bite. 

No, I didn't bake it. It was a surprise limited edition cake baked specially for me.

And our neighbours had come in the morning bearing local Christmas sweets. Plus lunch at Arsalan. Dinner from Arsalan.

And it all started with a Christmas eve dinner at The Royal Bombay Yacht club. The liver pate there was the piece de resitance. Light and butter. Excellent ham and some pretty good suckling pig. Thanks Jameshed Uncle.

Fort, Fountain, Colaba looked so dead on Christmas Eve as we drove to the Yacht Club. Wonder how things would have been when the British were there. Only Hill Rd and the inner lanes of Bandra speak to an ex Calcuttan on Christmas now. For Borodin, as Christmas is called at Calcutta, is very much a part of the city's social fabric

Hope you  had a merry Christmas.

Here's to Christmas 2012.

Traditional East Indian Christmas sweets


Merry Christmas to you too!
Kurush F Dalal said…
after perhaps 10 yrs i has Xmas goodies (neoris, kalkal, milk sweets, xmas cake) all courtesy of Amos and Sues new neighbours in Bandra ... then went off for a quick drive to Mount Mary B4 crashin out wakin at 6 and rushing to work on Xmas day!!

merrry xmas to all u guys!!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Thanks Somoo and same to you

You had a really busy Christmas Kurush...we did try to do a church darshan last night but there was too much traffic...hope Rhea is better...your Christmas pics looked awesome