An AV life: Link to the Mumbai segment of The Streets Food International Show

Finally managed to put up a you tube link to the Mumbai segment of the International Street Food Show.

The show was produced by Tremendous Enterntainment and aired on the Travel Channel USA in Jan 2012. It featured 7 cities across the world with local on camera guides in each country.

I got to host the Mumbai segment. An experience which was the ride of a lifetime. My first time.

Had a fantastic time thanks to the team from Tremendous and the local production team from BBC

Here's the link to the segment. Was quite kicked that they begun the show with Mumbai.

The full episode is about an hour long so could not upload it but has some fantastic tales from Bangkok, Hongkong, Tokyo, Berlin, Amsterdam and Jerusalem


Sassy fork said…
Congratulations! Superb video....time to have your own show on Travel and Living
Dew said…
Awesome! Congrats... :)
Sharmila said…
Way to go Kalyan!
Anonymous said…
My friend shared a link on fb... great going! :)
Preeti said…
Hey I missed watching it last day. Well done!!!Lucky to eat loads while you had this experiance...loved it!! It was kind of sequel for me after watching Rhodes Across India(one thing put me off abt him Indian dessert seemed to have appealed him)
Vetirmagal said…
Congratulations.You did it.
Wish you many more such assignments.
missydee said…
Kalyan, this is amazing1 What a wonderful opportunity and you nailed it. Great introduction to Bombay's street food, and a lovely way to revisit it from afar :)

PS: Mumbai = Hotel California? Oh yeaaaah.
This is really great... What's next in line-a full blown show on fox traveller? :) All the best!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Sassy Fork...thanks a always say the nicest things

Thanks Dew :)

Thanks Sharmila and great to see you here after so long...all good I hope

Thanks L

Preeti...thanks a ton...I did have a fantastic desserts though barring a stop at the jalebi shop

Thanks so much for your warm wishes Vetrimagal

Thanks so much Dilshad...I guess the great part is that it showed Bombay as it is...not picture perfect...not just dank and dour...glad folks who live outside like you now like it

Thanks a lot Priya and thanks for your kind wishes