Not a pretty picture…a Bengali meal gone wrong

Well pictures don’t always tell a story.

mochar chop

What you won’t realise is that this fairly tasty mochar (banana flowers) chop had a strand of hair in it.

Replaced immediately by the staff when I pointed it out. The chop not the hair.

luchi chholar daal

That while the luchis were good and the daal fragrant with ghee, the latter was under-salted.

check out the peas in the alur dom

That the lack of salt in the chholar daal was unfortunately compensated by the excess of salt in the alur dom.

And no, alur dom shouldn’t have koraishuti. Or peas for the uninitiated.


And that the tomato khejur and aamshoktor chaatni had only tomatoes. Worse still. Was served ice cold. Seemed wrong.

I checked on twitter. It was. *

And then there was the malpua…heated so much in the micro that it was shrouded in steam when the waiter got it to our table … and promptly disintegrated while serving. I didn’t even bother photographing it.

Pity had to happen on a day when I finally took my friend, who became a proud father just two days back, for a long promised Bengali vegetarian meal.

I must have had at least five great meals at Bijoli Grill Powai if not more. I am sure that this was a rare bad day.

I hope so.

* Twitter outrage against cold chaatni

10hKalyan KarmakarKalyan Karmakar@Finelychopped

Should Bong tomato chutneys be served cold in restaurants? Like fridge cold?

9hJarna GandhiJarna Gandhi@jarnagandhi

@Finelychopped chaatney ! Should be room temperature na?


9hKaniska ChakrabortyKaniska Chakraborty@kaniskac

@Finelychopped never. Slightly chilled is ok. Never in extremes, hot or cold.


9hAritro Chatterjee  Aritro Chatterjee @arichatt

@Finelychopped Na Dada gorom gorom better lage !! Mone hoy :-)

Satbir SinghSatbir Singh@thesatbir

@Finelychopped noooooooo! oshombhob!!

In reply to Kalyan Karmakar

Brown SahibaBrown Sahiba@Rajyasree

  • @Finelychopped Nope. I used to serve it at room temp though, not warm. Although I was told Oh Cal serves it chilled.