Letters to the editor

An anon troll comment on the blog recently:

''What an arrogant self-proclaimed food critic you are!! Have been through your blog to discover your pathetic reviews, insipid, poorly written, where price is always at the core of discussions in spite of your royal attitude (if you don't have money, stay at home ;)"

And then an interesting sms yesterday from an ex client and now a reader and friend:

'Sir, missing your posts on small inexpensive, family run places. Off late most of your posts are about pretty posh places.'

The second one worries me. The flipside of being at Andheri E.  Town with it's honest little restaurants seems a mirage these days.

Got 5 restaurant review/ event invites in 2 days ever since I did one after ages! The Indigo Deli one.

What did I walk into?