The Lucknow List

If things go as planned I’ll be at Lucknow this time tomorrow.

I’d gone to Lucknow more than a decade back before this. Those days the high of work trips was ordering room service in hotels. Didn’t really explore the city then.

Now I am finally heading back with a camera and a list to the one city in India that I have wanted to visit after I began food blogging. For, among other things, Lucknow, as Vir Sanghvi tells us, is the home of the legendary Calcutta biryani

This is the list that journalist & twitter friend, Kanchan Gupta, associate editor of The Pioneer, sourced for me when I said that I was going to Lucknow:

“1. Tunde Ke Kabab - in Chowk and Aminabad.
2. Idris ki Biryani - Patanala.
3. Rahim ki Nahari - Aminabad.
4. Wahid ki  Biryani - Aminabad.
5. Netram ki Kachauri  (Kabarwali Dukan) - Aminabad.
6. Ram darbar's kachauri - Baanwali Galli
7. Raja Ki Thandai - Chowk.
8. Prakash Kulfi - Aminabad.
9. Malai of Gayadin in Fatehganj (Aminabad)
10. Makhkhan-Malai of Chowk (It is available only in winters).
11. Shirmaal and Kabaab - Dastarkhwan (Mughlai restaurant in Lalbagh).
12. Kakori Kabab of Aslam (Chowk).
13, Dahi vada of Pt Ram narain Tiwari - Ganeshganj.
Then there is Dixit's chat in Chowk for evening snacks.”

Apart from this Rocky & Mayur suggested Salim’s, near Tunde’s, to me on Twitter. And colleague suggested Sharma’s chaats.

If you have a point of view on these please let me know. I’ll probably have 6 meal opps and of course one tummy so tips that helps me optimise would be most welcome

See you at Lucknow