The Lucknow List

If things go as planned I’ll be at Lucknow this time tomorrow.

I’d gone to Lucknow more than a decade back before this. Those days the high of work trips was ordering room service in hotels. Didn’t really explore the city then.

Now I am finally heading back with a camera and a list to the one city in India that I have wanted to visit after I began food blogging. For, among other things, Lucknow, as Vir Sanghvi tells us, is the home of the legendary Calcutta biryani

This is the list that journalist & twitter friend, Kanchan Gupta, associate editor of The Pioneer, sourced for me when I said that I was going to Lucknow:

“1. Tunde Ke Kabab - in Chowk and Aminabad.
2. Idris ki Biryani - Patanala.
3. Rahim ki Nahari - Aminabad.
4. Wahid ki  Biryani - Aminabad.
5. Netram ki Kachauri  (Kabarwali Dukan) - Aminabad.
6. Ram darbar's kachauri - Baanwali Galli
7. Raja Ki Thandai - Chowk.
8. Prakash Kulfi - Aminabad.
9. Malai of Gayadin in Fatehganj (Aminabad)
10. Makhkhan-Malai of Chowk (It is available only in winters).
11. Shirmaal and Kabaab - Dastarkhwan (Mughlai restaurant in Lalbagh).
12. Kakori Kabab of Aslam (Chowk).
13, Dahi vada of Pt Ram narain Tiwari - Ganeshganj.
Then there is Dixit's chat in Chowk for evening snacks.”

Apart from this Rocky & Mayur suggested Salim’s, near Tunde’s, to me on Twitter. And colleague suggested Sharma’s chaats.

If you have a point of view on these please let me know. I’ll probably have 6 meal opps and of course one tummy so tips that helps me optimise would be most welcome

See you at Lucknow


Journomuse said…
Funny reading this today...Just got back from Lucknow and I tried about four things on this...Apart from Shirmal from a Chowkwala dukaan along with pepper chicken and Tunday rolls from their Chowk shop, my must-do list from now on for Lucknow is Saat-pani wala golguppa, dahi batashey from a tiny shop off Hazratganj and matar tikkis ( also tried the aloo tikkis which I was told is like nothing you get in Mumbai, I wholly endorse) Have fun in the Nawab land..:)
Anonymous said…
All I managed in Lucknow was Tunday Kebabs and that to from their outlet in Saharahanj Mall! I wish I could have tried more stuff. Have a good trip and hope that the Lucknow sun does not deter you :)
Pinku said…
have fun....your list and post brought back fond memories...the charm of lucknow and of course the food are both sure you will go back again for more...

by the pick up some lucknawi chikankari kurtas - they are awesome forsummers. :)

Have a lovely trip.
Anonymous said…
I have lived in Lucknow for the last 4 years. Some pointers:-

Don't miss out on Rahim's beef pasanda. Best had with a soft drink, succulent chunks of beef fresh off the skewer. Nihari with kulcha is also recommended.

Tundey's beef galauti kebabs (bade ka kebab) are the real deal which u'll get only in chowk, whras mutton kebabs (chhote ka kebab) r 2 b found at aminabad. Chowk outlet is strongly suggested as u cn even ask them thr 2 customise ur kebab, i.e., crisp with a soft core and vice versa.

Dastarkhwan does an excellent mutton galauti, far btr thn the tundey mutton kebab. The original outlet is at tulsi theatre and the lalbagh outlet is the new A/C family restaurant type.

Try the basket chaat outside royal cafe restaurant in hazratganj. Basket chaat is a speciality chaat of lucknow and this place invented it.

Try to make space for some kashmiri chai and kheer in chowk. Perfect end to a good meal
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@journeymouse that's amazing @anon tks and wonder if i'll bump into you...wave a white cloth if you do see me :)

the first evening was amazing...walk down china bazar & dastarkha...chowk...dixit chaat, guptas namkeen, chai with tripathy, tunde's kebab and paratha

Pinku: doubt if i'll time to waste

thanks swagatha
Pradeep Rao said…
The Makhan Malai in Chowk is a must. Although it is a winter dish (of necessity), you will get one vendor serving this in summer. You have to go fairly early in the morning. It will not be available after 0930 or so. Cannot last beyond that. A truly unique Indian dessert.
Tunday kababi is terrific too. The beef ones are better than the mutton. Have a great time.
Verti said…
Welcome to my city :)
I am no expert on food....all I know is I can tell a good meal from a bad one ! And yes just so you know I'm a BIG foodie :):)
So after you've tried all the above mentioned must try the mutton biryani at New Awadh biryani corner. This is a tiny shop near the Dainik Jagran office. Try their kebab rolls or boti kebab with Mughlai paratha too. This would probably be your cheapest and yummiest meals for sure :):)
Anirudh said…
I went to lucknow resently . I visited Idris Biryani after checking up your page and Doing other research here and there

Thanks for putting up the Info it was really helpful

I have shared my review on Idris on below link

I will put up my review on Bajpayee kachori and Rahim Nihari later

Thanks again
Kalyan Karmakar said…
thanks for sharing this Aniruddh. i couldn't make it to idris so look forward to reading this
Sandeep Tiwari said…
Hey, too late to chip in, but Lucknow and no discussion of Biryanis?

Have put up a google custom map for all the places to visit... the best biryani in Lucknow is Lalla Biryani.. but unless you have rugged determination or the help of my map you probably will struggle to find it... spread the word...

Of Rakabdars - Their nazakat and legendary Lucknowi adayein
~ Deeps ~ said…
the chaat shop near hazratgaj is shukla chaat bhandar...amazing matar tikki there.
The dahi bhalla guy is not there anymore.
surprised to see no one mentioned sakhawat behind press club. their kebabs (spl boti) is among the best ones in lucknow.
~ Deeps ~ said…
and tunde is the most overrated shop in entire lucknow....if you are interested then its best to go to chowk one and not anywhere else (even aminabad)
Anonymous said…
I dont know why ..but I cant stop smiling , reading this goodness
tasty khaana said…
Tunde kababi is very mch famous for its non veg food.
Anonymous said…
Pt. Ram narain tiwari chaat and dahi wada is best in lko....