Lucknow so far

Day 1: Chowk ...Dixit'st chaat, namkeen sampling at Guptaji's stall, chai at Tripathiji's, kebab parathas at Tunday's, thandai spiked & non spiked at Raja Thandai

Day 2: Kachori puri & Khasta at Vajpayee's Hazratgunj, chhaapan bhog alu tikkas & paani ke batashe at Shau's, Sadar...mutton biryani & shammi kebab at Open Air Tulsi Gulle, Imart, Kheer at Moti Mahal Hazratganj...A day of realisations. Yes, the Lucknowi biryani is indeed the mother (origin) of that of Calcutta's. That Calcutta's chicken chaap is a cousin of the chicken masala of Lucknow's Tulsi gulley. That aamritti is Bengali creole for imarti. And that the guy who invented ragda pattice in Mumbai needs lessons from the creator of Lucknow's alu tikki...two focus groups

Day 3: Another egg white omelette and capuccino start... deep fried in the Lucknow sun...the magnificence of Imambara...the eery calm of the bullet holed walls of The Residency...Wahid's luscious mutton biryani at Aminabad after the search for Lalla's biryani turned futile...Mr Lalla was still making his mix for the evening...but the octogenarian Mr Wahid treated me to tea too...shirmal and bade ke kebab at Tunday's Aninabad...poetry on a plate...met the late Mr Tunday's grandson who sits at the newer shop...Mr Tunday's son sits at the original shop at Chowk and I met him on day one...focus group in the evening coming up...and then...dinner of biryani and blessing at Lalla's and chai with my friends at Chowk

Met some very nice people, in most cases people didn't let me pay...and folks here love being photographed

Pics from day 1:

Pics from Day 2:

Pics from day 3:


Anonymous said…
The sheermal and shahi tukda at Dastarkhwan(station branch) is unique stuff. Do try visiting once.

Archana said…
has me drooling.