A quick single to reach post number 1000… Roasted soya marinated chicken with broccoli & stuff

soya roasted chicken with broccoli

Ever since I saw this little statistic on blogger a couple of days back I knew I had to change it fast.

Yes, I was at 999 published posts.


The next would be post number 1000. Even if it meant with a streaky single. A quick post.

Even if it was a post centred around a vegetable that I had just bought possibly for the second time in my life. Broccoli. (The first time was when I had made a quasi Thai green curry for a vegetarian guest at a dinner.)

Even if it was a short and simple recipe post.

Which in a way is symbolic. A recipe post that is.

I was recently perplexed when a guy wished me a ‘happy mother’s day’. Then it made sense as I came across a few guys who said they use recipes from the blog to cook for their girlfriends. In one case an ex. Though the young man in this case did clarify that his ex didn’t become an ‘ex’ because of the cooking. He gamely assured me that their relation lasted two years more because of his cooking. And then I met this couple the other day where the girl told me that her boyfriend reads up recipes from the blog and cooks for her…a change apparently from his earlier repertoire of coffee…and that’s about it.

Well this recipe is as simple as it gets and my mom would be mighty pleased to know its absolutely oil free.

A bit of chicken bulked up with mushrooms, broccoli and baby corn. That’s about it. All done in the oven.

I had no idea how to cut or cook broccoli. A discussion on my facebook page alerted me to the fact that one should not overcook it. The rest fell in to place.

So here goes, my recipe for Roasted soya chicken with broccoli & other vegetables (for 1)


  • 100 g chicken – boneless, ideally leg cuts, cut in to cubes
  • 50 g chopped button mushrooms
  • 3,4 florets of broccoli
  • 3,4 baby corn stalks slashed into two
  • 1 tablespoon ginger juliennes (strips)
  • Marinade: 1 tablespoon soya sauce, 1 tablespoon chilli sauce (I used Thai sriracha), 1/2 teaspoon white vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon each crushed black pepper & salt

  IMG_1635 IMG_1636


  • Marinate (mix everything in the sauces) for at least half an hour in the fridge


  • Preheat oven for 10 min at 200 C
  • Take out the broccoli and corn from the dish and keep aside…you don’t want to overcook them as you want the broccoli and corn to be crisp and firm at the end
  • Put in the baking dish with the chicken, mushroom and sauces in to the oven for 20 min at 200 C
  • Take the dish out and guys do use baking gloves or kitchen pads or towels for this…I’ve often singed my palms because I’ve forgotten to do so


  • Add the broccoli and corn on top of the chicken. You don’t want to plunge them in as you don’t them to mix in the sauce and get all mushy. Add some chopped chillies if you would like
  • Put the dish back in the oven and keep it in for 5 minutes at 200 C
  • That’s it. Keep the dish in for another 5 minutes once done so that the juices settle.
  • The dish is ready


Eat this with steamed rice and you’ve got a fairly non controversial dish from the health point of view.

What you get is a balance of colours in the dish – brown, green, yellow, red – and a balance of tastes too. The bounce of chicken and the mushrooms, the inherent heat of the pepper and chilli, the fresh bite of ginger, the salt of soya, tang of vinegar…and the crunch of the corn and broccoli.

Spoon some of the sauce on to the rice and you are ready to eat.


And this folks, is the one thousandth post to be published on Finely Chopped!

Thank you for being a part of the ride.

PS: The following are the comments on the Finely Chopped facebook page on broccoli which helped me modify my initial plans:

Finely Chopped

24 May Bought broccoli for the second time in my life and for the first time for personal consumption. A culinary midlife crisis I guess



k said…
:) congrats
Congrats on the 1000th post! Awesome!
Love these simple recipes of course! Perfect for good meal during hectic days!
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Well played, sir! :)
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Nice blog....
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Congrats on the 1000th post. May the food Gods always be kind to you :)
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thanks for setting the ball rolling
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thanks Somoo...and thanks for commenting meticulously...that's what fuels one
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thank you :) so do i get the fairplay award :)
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thanks for those very kind wishes