The Macaron Cake Invention Test… Pooja Dhingra at Le 15 Patisserie

This is the story of a genius cake which was conceived through a twitter brief.

Not just any cake. A Macaron cake!

It all started at about 11 in the morning when inspiration struck me and I tweeted Pooja Dhingra of le 15 Patisserie.

macaron cake


Kalyan Karmakar Kalyan Karmakar@Finelychopped: @poojadhingraa you in town?


pooja dhingra pooja dhingra@poojadhingraa :@Finelychopped yep yep in my kitchen as always :)


We then moved on to DM.

Now it is not good form to make private messages public but I think that we will make an exception here.


Wife's bd Tom. Wondered if one cd order a small macaron cake which I can pick at Phoenix this eve or too little time (Le 15 patisserie has an outlet at Palladium at Phoenix Mills Mumbai)

hmmm what time would you like it? If I start making it right now it could be ready by 6-7


6 at Phoenix? She has discovered a love for macarons after Cannes so anything small around that. A dark choc no alcohol cake? Not a party just 2 of us so small

  ok done :) Any msg to be written on it?

  ‘Pick up the laundry’? :) let me think

  hahahaha :)

Many happies

The cake was ready when I went to Palladium at 6 pm. I did a double take when I saw it. Fitted the brief in a way I could not even imagine.

macaron cake

Did it work?

Well here’s the feedback that I tweeted to Pooja later:

Kalyan KarmakarKalyan Karmakar@Finelychopped : @poojadhingraa 'I have no words to describe how happy I am after this cake' in between 'oh man' 'oho' (for the cake that is)



Chocoholic said…
macarons are good, but a macaron cake, just great! what an awesome idea!

Unknown said…
deliciously delicious.....
Pinku said…
that looks so very tempting... my eldest daughter loves cakes, has a big sweet tooth and loves the colour pink. This seems so so right for her.

I might just copy :)
Adam Clak said…
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