Breakfast at Candies… the n’th sequel

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There is a reason why I so love the place.

Why Candies (@ McRonnels) is my spot. Why I head there for lazy breakfasts. Or at end of a bemusing day at work. Or to spend quality time with folks. Or for a pick me up moment when I am feeling low or in pain.

Last night I felt like having crisp toast with butter after seeing Bourdain’s breakfast from somewhere in the deserts in the US with his rock brand friends on No Reservations.

I knew that the only chance of getting crisp toast for me is at home with the toaster on the dining table. At most other places, including 5 stars, the toasts gets cold by the time they get it to your table. It’s physics. You can’t blame folks.

We went to Candies for breakfast this morning. Visions of Bourdain’s breakfast still in my head I called for omelettes, baked beans and toast with cappuccino (the standards have been consistent since my coffee refresher evening here).

I specified that I wanted white, and not brown, bread to the new boy in the Candies staff. He has now taken my order for the last 3 visits in two days. Yes, I go there so often that some of the waiters recognise me and welcome me back with big smiles…yes…I rarely have to wait for my order there and I normally get a table by the time I get my food.

I know I am treading into dangerous territory with this. I know of the chaos at Candies and of the folks who turn away hungry and disgusted. I know of the elderly Parsi gentleman who once lifted a baguette in frustration and started hitting folks serving at the counter. Of Rahul who gnashes his teeth every time I tweet about having a relaxed time at Candies. But as Soumik said you can’t be a ‘bhaalo chhele (good boy)’ and hope to get your order at Candies. You have to ditch your polite ‘excuse me please ’ and give a Mithunda ‘aabe ei shala’ instead to be heard as Soumik puts it. I know of Sue and Nathan’s angst at their never-ending wait for fried eggs at Candies. But then to order eggs at Candies you need to possess great inner calm and equilibrium…the eggs are cooked in the kitchen in the first floor and then travel across the stairs through the crowd to reach you…don’t expect Cordon Bleau stuff… food from a harried mom’s kitchen would be more like it. Then there’s Madhumita who said ‘it’s because of folks like you that the chicken sandwich I was eying from the queue was snatched away and given to one of the regulars…humph”. Or Kurush who looked so frazzled, flummoxed & furious trying to order amidst the crowds when Kurush, Rhea, Ari & Kaniska met for an adda there recently. I had to rescue the big man and get our khaana.


Yes, Candies is that sort of place.

You love it. Or you hate it.

We didn’t have to wait for my order long today. We sipped our cappuccinos by the bar stools when the young boy who took my order came to call me.

I followed him to the food counter. He took out the tray and turned to pick something…there was a toaster there with two slices of white bread in them..he pressed the button…the toast popped out…he put them into the plate and gave them to me.

Surreal…my Bourdain inspired dream of fresh toast for breakfast was in front of me.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, the omelettes were cooked the way I like them to be from my growing up days in Kolkata…firm outside, tad runny inside, seasoned just right, with the odd bite of chilli…and no, for once I didn’t ask for an egg white omelette…I needed the all TLC

Talking of food memories from Kolkata do read Seema Goswami’s article in the HT today which is on her blog too


Trishnanta said…
there is something about your writing, it always keeps me hooked from start to end. Another brilliant breakfast post! Keep them coming.
Shubh said…
I haven't eaten at Candies that much, mainly cos when I've gone alone it results in zip/nada/ nothing/kuchh nahi/zero..... Both times that I've actually touched, eaten and got a place to sit have been under Kalyan's 'chhattar -chhaya' .... otherwise its been vicarious , via this blog....
Kalyan Karmakar said…
hey thanks Trishnanta ...that comment would fuel me for another post...and just saw your hyderabad breakfast post...aami aashchhi :)

@Shubh you should have come today...we could have celebrated your birthday at candies and happy birthday boss :)
Prashant ( said…
I'll rephrase a portion of your post:

"Yes, Candies is that sort of place.

You love it. Everyone else hates it."

Possibly the most overrated place in Mumbai, a city teeming with overrated places. Third-rate food, fourth-rate service.
~j~ said…
I was at Candies yesterday, and since it was a public holiday, managed to get my order across easily and quickly. My to-be sister-in-law, who had never been there before, loved everything. I know it can get chaotic but I just love the place and the food on offer. Nothing better than their coffee and a roast chicken sandwich to kickstart the day. Wish they'd deliver anywhere I want.

PS: The passionfruit cheesecake has been added to list of Candies favourites. The Jelly Slices are still my absolute weakness though.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
that explains the crowd and chaos i am sure
Kalyan Karmakar said…
hey J, was there in the morning and evening..pity didn't bump into fact met folks both times by between the jelly slices and the sugar icing petite fours we will divide our spoils happily :)