The Delhi despatch...quick notes

Landed in Delhi yesterday evening on some work. Been a bit overwhelmed since.

Was welcomed with a phone call by rini Simon khanna. All the girls from my timeline go mad when they see her on my Facebook page as they all wanted to grow up and sound like her.

Focus groups in houses that look like Vicky donor sets and the hospitality so typically warm and Delhi and will ensure that you are well fed.

Quick trip to Connaught following reccos. Patties and shammi kebabs at wengers followed by a gigantic strawberry milk shake at Keventers.

Quickly scheduled meeting with long time virtual friends pinku and parry at San churros.

And then dinner at diva, the only air conditioned restaurant at India, I was v keen to eat at. I wanted to meet Ritu dalmia the chef and owner and she treated us to a lovely dinner. All thanks to the very huggable food writer and friend Marryam Reshii.

Another surprise breakfast opp this morning with Pamela timms, the pardesi who old Delhi has adopted an vice versa. Nathu and Channa bhature and lassi was the canvas.

Another focus group and then to the hotel to freshen up

Lunch at 5 pm with the master shifu of digital advertising & the last of the suave Bengali bhadroloks, Shubho Sengupta, who took me to jamia for Nihari at javed, kebab at 4 rs in a shop without a name, moradabad polao and then firni across a wall.

Gurgaon after that with baby brother and sister in law. Was full but they treated me at oriental blossom. I said I Would have Pepsi but ended up havin some pad Thai and green curry too and gave the staff lessons on nam prik la.

Old Delhi finally tomorrow with Anurag

Folks who know me back home would be amazed by the no of folks I met here and the no of places I visited

Outside of bandra I am a Duracell bunny

(this is my first iPhone blog post detailed stories and camera pics might follow)

Update: the morning after...eggs and sausage breakfast with juice...classic breakfast put together by lil sis in law and then an impromptu coffee morning at Sweet Obsessions with two very old (no pun intended ladies) and good friends before a look in at the very impressive David's fish shop at Arjun Marg at Gurgaon 


Pinku said…

waiting for the detailed posts on the food now. :)

BTW do plan a visit to Delhi in the winters...Dec-Jan. Best time to go around old Delhi..the heat and mugginess right now make it pretty challenging.