Ma Durga's baaper baarir bhoj or Ma Durga's home coming meal

Of all the Durga Pujo stories which I have heard recently, Sudeshna's story sums up the spirit of the Pujos for me.

They used to have a Pujo in their house in Kolkata.

Then her father passed away. The Pujo stopped. Silence enshrouded their house during the pujos.

Sudeshna doesn't live in Kolkata any
more but she tries to come back for the pujos.

There's a reason for that.

She and her mom try to relive her father's memory in a unique way. Even though the Pujo doesn't happen in their house, they try to cook and eat what used to be cooked in the Pujo during her dad's time. The menu varies by the day of the Pujo.

I asked Sudeshna about the menu. She was kind enough to text it to me.

I thought I'll share it with you. So here goes:

"Here my puja food fest. I juggle with options that dad laid out

Shoptomi: shada bhat, shukto, moong dal, bhaja, aloo phulkopi, tomato chutney, rasmalai, rasgulla.

Ashtomi: ghee bhat, cholar dal,paneer, dhoka dalna, kacha amer chutney, rabri.

Nobomi: khichuri, 5 kinds of bhaja, labra, amshotto apricot chutney, payash, rajbhog.

Doshomi: its believed that durga's mom was very upset and she cudnt cook anything. So she served panta bhat to the family on doshomi. So our menu is same with daler bora and kochu shag, we have some bhaja mishti and rosogolla:)

Ps:luchi is constant breakfast with aloo torkari"

Her next text to me sums this story up.

"Yeah I love this way of keeping my dad's spirit alive and kicking:)"

Happy Pujos folks.

It's the most wonderful time of the year.


Kurush F Dalal said…
a touching post about a fitting tribute